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In the anime
===In the main series===
[[File:Alder and Cynthia.png|thumb|250px|[[Alder]] and [[Cynthia]], Champions of [[Unova]] and [[Sinnoh]], respectively.]]
In the [[Pokémon anime]], there can only be one Pokémon Champion per [[region]] at a time, except for the [[Orange League]]. While [[Pokémon Trainer]]s can freely request an informal battle from the Champion, much more popular events are the [[Pokémon League Conference]]s, which can normally be entered by Trainers with at least eight [[Gym]] [[Badge]]s. The winner of these tournaments may enter the {{DL|Pokémon League|Champion League}} to face off the regional [[Elite Four]] members and, if successful, the League Champion.
In [[Alola]], due to the Pokémon League only being newly established, there is no reigning Champion, and the winner of the region's first League Conference will directly become the first Champion of Alola. In addition, due to the nonexistence of Gyms in Alola, any willing Trainer is allowed to participate in its League Conference.
In the Orange League, Trainers who defeat the [[Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader]] attain the title of Champion, but the Supreme Gym Leader is not displaced upon defeat. Winning Trainers earn the [[Winner's Trophy]] and are inducted into the [[Palace of Victory]], but do not have to carry out any specific tasks as Champions.