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Leech Seed (move)

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{{movep|type=grass|ms=192|pkmn=Sunflora|method=Sunflora releases two brown seeds from the back of its head at the opponent. When the seeds hit the opponent, the seeds sprout vines and wrap up the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=grass|user=Nando|user1=Nando's Sunflora|startcode=DP036|startname=The Secret Sphere of Influence!}}
{{movep|type=grass|ms=549|pkmn=Lilligant|method=Lilligant releases one giant seed from itsher head at the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=grass|user=Mona|user1=Mona's Lilligant|startcode=BW098|startname=Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!}}
{{movep|type=grass|ms=710|pkmn=Pumpkaboo|method=Pumpkaboo shoots several seeds from its mouth into the ground. The seeds immediately grow into vines that latch onto a target and drain them of their energy. When a Grass-type Pokémon is seeded, the target is still bound by the roots, but they are a dull gray-brown color, and it is unaffected by the energy draining.}}
|ko=씨뿌리기 ''{{tt|Ssippurigi|Seed spraying}}''
|pl=Pnącze Mocy{{tt|*|XYDiamond and Pearl series onwards}}<br>Wysysające Nasionko{{tt|*|Diamond and Pearl (TCG)}}<br>Ziarno Pijawkowe{{tt|*|Advanced}}<br>Ognisty Paralizator{{tt|*|EP268}}<br>Niszczące Ziarno/Atak Ziarnem{{tt|*|EP178}}<br>Kiełkujące Ziarno{{tt|*|EP176}}<br>Dziki Pęd{{tt|*|EP077}}<br>Pijawkowe Pnącza{{tt|*|EP051}}<br>Dzikie Pnącza{{tt|*|EP032}}<br>Ziarno Pnącza{{tt|*|Manga}}
|pt_br=Semente Sanguessuga ([[XY087]]-present, {{TCG|Unleashed}}-present, manga, The Official Pokémon Handbook)<br>Projétil de Semente ([[XY082]]){{tt|*|Mistranslation; same name as Bullet Seed}}<br>Semente de Morte ({{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}-{{TCG|Secret Wonders}})<br>Semente da Morte ({{TCG|Base Set}})<br>Sanguessuga (The Official Pokémon Handbook)<br>Chupa-Vidas (The Official Pokémon Handbook)
|pt_eu=Semente Sanguessuga (anime)<br>Semente de Morte (TCG)