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Professor Oak arrives and exclaims loudly that he is looking for the person who wants to help him. Crystal then releases all her Pokémon and weakens the Slugma. She then captures all of them using {{ball|Level}}s. Afterwards, Crystal tells Professor Oak that she is the one who wants to help him complete the Pokédex. A few days later, the Pokémon academy is rebuilt and Earl is grateful, but wonders who is the benefactor.
At Professor Oak's second research center, Professor Oak gives Crystal her Pokédex and reveals that he paid for Earl's Pokémon Academy to be rebuilt. Meanwhile, {{pDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Raikou|three}} {{pDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Entei|beams}} of {{pDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Suicune|light}} leave the [[Burned Tower]].
==Major events==
* {{adv|Professor Oak}} is looking for someone who can help him with the [[Johto]] [[Pokédex]].
* {{adv|Crystal}} gets a Pokédex and helps with Professor Oak's research.
* {{advDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Raikou}}, {{advDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Entei}}, and {{advDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Suicune}} leave the [[Burned Tower]].
* {{p|Spinarak}} ([[Earl Dervish]]'s)
* {{p|Snubbull}} ([[Earl Dervish]]'s)
* {{p|Raikou}} ({{advDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Raikou|Adventures}}; beam of light)
* {{p|Entei}} ({{advDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Entei|Adventures}}; beam of light)
* {{p|Suicune}} ({{advDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Suicune|Adventures}}; beam of light)