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[[File:Alola anime.png|thumb|250px|Alola's main islands in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
[[File:Aether Paradise anime.png|thumb|250px|Aether Paradise in the anime]]
The Alola region consists of four main islands, [[Melemele Island]], [[Akala Island]], [[Ula'ula Island]], [[Poni Island]]; and one artificial island, [[Aether Paradise]], which is described as a "Very Large Floating Structure" or VLFS. It is not possible to {{m|Surf}}, or, for that matter, use the [[Poké Ride]]'s {{p|Lapras}} Paddle or {{p|Sharpedo}} Jet between the islands; those wishing to do so must take boats or the Poké Ride's {{p|Charizard}} Glide. All four islands are to an extent forested and mountainous; most of the cities and towns are on the coastlines, with notable exceptions being [[Iki Town]] and [[Paniola Town]]. Routes are relatively developed here compared to other regions, with several of them having their own [[Pokémon Center]]s in addition to residential buildings.