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Salon Maiden Anabel

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In the anime
===={{pkmn|Sun and Moon|Pokémon Sun, Moon}}, {{pkmn|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon}}====
Anabel's Pokémon are kept in {{ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]]s.
=====First battle{{sup/7|SM}}=====
==In the anime==
[[File:Anabel anime.png|thumb|220px|left250px|Anabel in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
{{Ash}}Anabel and {{AP|Pikachu}} first met Anabeldebuted in ''[[AG169|Talking a Good Game!]]'',. when{{Ash}} theyand found{{AP|Pikachu}} themselvesmet her when they beingwere chased by an angry {{p|Beedrill}}. Anabel quickly calmed Beedrill down after speaking to it, much to Ash's surprise. The pair soon came across a rampaging {{p|Gyarados}}, and Anabel once again showed off her empathy andabilities to settled it down. {{TRT}} soon ambushed the duo in an attempt to steal Pikachu, but it soon turned into a {{pkmn|battle}}, which Anabel won after having her {{p|Alakazam}} {{status|Confusion|confuse}} Team Rocket's Pokémon. {{an|May}}, [[Max]], and {{an|Brock}} later caught up with Anabel and Ash, and Anabel escorted everyone to her home to get changed out of their wet clothes. There, they learned that Anabel was actually a girl.
May,The Maxgroup andthen Brockquickly laterrushed caughtoff upto withthe Anabel{{OBP|Battle andTower|Generation AshIII}}, andbut Anabelwere escorted everyoneshocked to herlearn homethat toAnabel getwas changedalso outthe ofSalon theirMaiden, wetwho clothes. EveryoneAsh was surprisedsupposed to learnchallenge thatfor Anabelhis wasnext in[[Symbol]]. factAsh alost girl,his butfirst shematch wasto unfazed.Anabel Theafter groupher abandonedpowerful theirAlakazam teamanaged drinksto anddefeat quicklyhis rushed{{AP|Corphish}} offand to{{AP|Tauros}} theconsecutively. BattlePikachu, Towerhowever, butwas wereable moreto shockeddefeat toAlakazam learnin thatthe next round. Anabel wasthen alsosent theout Salonher MaidenMetagross, thatand Ashit wasknocked duePikachu toout challengewith fora his{{m|Hyper next [[Symbol]]Beam}}.
AshAnabel lostreappeared hisin first''[[AG170|Second matchTime's tothe AnabelCharm!]]''. afterAsh heronce powerfulagain Alakazamdisturbed manageda togroup defeatof twoBeedrill ofas he trained with his PokémonPokemon. consecutively,Tauros shadowingwas bothstung [[Ash'sand Corphish]]knocked its Trainer and {{AP|Tauros}}.Anabel Pikachu,into however,a wasnearby ablelake, tobut defeatshe Alakazamquickly inshrugged off the next roundincident. AnabelWhile thenlunch sentwas outruined herbecause Metagrossof Team Rocket, Anabel tried to teach Ash and itMay knockedabout Pikachuher outpsychic withpowers, abut {{m|Hyperto no Beam}}avail.
InAsh ''[[AG170|Secondlater Time'shad thehis Charm![[rematch]]'', against Anabel. Corphish was able to defeat Alakazam after Ash oncelistened againto disturbedit aand groupquickly ofreturned Beedrillit asto heits trained{{i|Poké withBall}} hisbefore Pokemonsending Corphish back out again to overcome its confusion. TaurosCorphish waslost stungin the next round, and knockedafter hisan Trainerexchange andof Anabelstrengths intobetween aTauros nearbyand lakeMetagross, butthe shebattle quicklyended shruggedin offa draw. In the Whileround, lunchAnabel's {{p|Espeon}} was ruinedable becauseto ofshadow TeamPikachu's Rocket[[move]]s and overwhelm his {{m|Thunderbolt}} with a more powerful {{m|Zap Cannon}}. However, AnabelPikachu triedcaused the facility to teachhave Asha power outage and used the darkness to strike Espeon. Pikachu concluded the match with a {{anm|MayVolt Tackle}}, aboutearning herAsh psychicthe powers,Ability butSymbol. itAs they said goodbye to one another, Anabel was revealed to nohave availa {{s|Ability|crush}} on Ash.
Ash later had his [[rematch]] against Anabel. Ash's Corphish was able to defeat Alakazam after Ash listened to it and quickly returned it to its [[Poké Ball]] before sending Corphish out again to overcome its confusion. Corphish lost in the next round, and after an exchange of strengths, Tauros managed to draw against Metagross. In the final round, Anabel's {{p|Espeon}} was able to shadow Pikachu's [[move]]s, and overwhelm his {{m|Thunderbolt}} with a more powerful {{m|Zap Cannon}}. Pikachu caused the facility to have a power outage, and used the darkness to strike Espeon. Pikachu concluded the match with a {{m|Volt Tackle}}, earning Ash the Abililty Symbol. During their farewell, Anabel was shown to have a {{s|Ability|crush}} on Ash.
She reappeared during a flashback in ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]''.
Anabel has the empathetic ability to sense the emotions of living beings and communicatingcommunicate with them, ever since she was little, possessing powers similar to {{adv|Yellow}} of [[Pokémon Adventures]]. However, other characters do not seem to regard these as {{t|Psychic}} abilities, but rather a honed sense of empathy. Nevertheless, she is still portrayed as a sort of {{t|Psychic}} [[type expert]]. She also shares a particularly strong bond with her Pokémon, and is seemingly able to command them seemingly telepathically. Without the vocal commands as a cue, {{Ash}} initially struggled to compete against Anabel. She also refers to her Pokemon as her friends.
Anabel uses her Psychic Pokémon's attacks to either {{status|Confusion|confuse}} her opponent's Pokémon or control oncoming attacks. Her Pokémon also know some [[physical attackmove]]s like {{m|Meteor Mash}}, making them equally effective in direct confrontations.
|vajp=Kenta Miyake
|vaen=Maddie Blaustein
|desc=Anabel first called on {{p|Alakazam}} in ''[[AG169|Talking a Good Game!]]'' to help her and {{Ash}} when they were attacked by {{TRT}}. Alakazam was able to beatdefeat them with its powerful Psychic attack. Ash then realized that Anabel was a [[Frontier Brain]] and that he would have to {{pkmn|battle}} Alakazam. Ash chose {{AP|Corphish}} for thethat match. Anabel had the ability to telepathically communicate with her Pokémon and give them commands without saying a word. In the end, Alakazam easily defeated {{p|Corphish}}. Alakazam then went on to defeat [[Ash'sand {{AP|Tauros]]}} before finally being defeated by his {{AP|Pikachu}}, but notit beforewas weakeningable to weaken it beforehand.
In ''[[AG170|Second Time's the Charm!]]'', Ash had a [[rematch]] with Anabel. Again, she chose Alakazam as her first Pokémon. It went head to head against Ash's Corphish once again, but this time with a little bit of luck as well as Ash's quick thinking, Alakazam was defeated by Corphish's {{m|Bubble Beam}} after Ash found a way to overcome Corphish's confusion.
Alakazam's known moves are {{m|Psychic}}, {{m|Psybeam}}, {{m|Focus Punch}}, and {{m|Recover}}.}}
|vajp=Unshō Ishizuka
|vaen=Unshō Ishizuka
|desc={{p|Metagross}} was for the first time seen during {{Ash}}'s first match against her, where it easily defeated [[Ash's {{AP|Pikachu]]}}, losing the match for Ash. During Ash's [[rematch]] against Anabel, Metagross easily defeated [[Ash's {{AP|Corphish]]}}, but the Iron Leg Pokémon later tied with his {{AP|Tauros}} after its Meteor Mash collided with Tauros's {{m|Take Down}}.
Metagross's known moves are {{m|Psychic}}, {{m|Iron Defense}}, {{m|Meteor Mash}}, and {{m|Hyper Beam}}.}}
|vajp=Megumi Hayashibara
|vaen=Megumi Hayashibara
|desc={{p|Espeon}}, Anabel's favorite Pokémon, was seen during {{Ash}}'s [[rematch]] against her, where it battled {{pkmnAP|battlePikachu}}d against [[Ash's Pikachu]]. Even though Espeon at firstinitially managed to overwhelm Pikachu with its speed and power, one of Pikachu's {{m|Thunderbolt}}s turned the lights off, making it impossible for both Anabel and Espeon to see where the next attack was coming from. This cost some critical hits for Espeon, and Pikachu was finally able to defeat the Sun Pokémon with a {{m|Volt Tackle}}, winning the match for Ash and earning him the [[Symbol|Ability Symbol]].
It also reappeared in a flashback in ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]].
Anabel is one of the seven {{pkmn|Trainer}}s hired by Scott to be a [[Frontier Brain]] at the {{gdis|Battle Frontier|III}}. Anabel is first seen watching the Battle Frontier's opening ceremony. The ceremony is interrupted by {{adv|Emerald}}, who announces that he wishes to conquer the Battle Frontier. The press mistakenly report the incident as allowing an ordinary Trainer to take part in the Battle Frontier before it officially opens a week later. The Frontier Brains decide to use this assumption as free publicity and allow Emerald to challenge the Battle Frontier under the condition that he completes it before it officially opens.
Later, while Emerald is challenging the [[Battle Pyramid]], Noland is attacked by an unknown assailant and several rental Pokémon are stolen. After Noland is taken to a hospital, the other Frontier Brains begin to suspect Emerald as the culprit. They head to the Battle Pyramid to confront Emerald and find him after having defeated Brandon. When they ask him about what happened, Emerald reveals that he did not attack Noland and is actually after the Mythical Pokémon {{padv|Jirachi}}. The Frontier Brains find Emerald's explanation suspicious, but decide to follow him into [[Artisan Cave]], where Jirachi is currently located at. Upon arriving, everyone is attacked by a horde of wild {{p|Smeargle}} while Emerald continues inside to find Jirachi. After the Frontier Brains get past the Smeargle, they meet up with Emerald, who has managed to find Jirachi. Emerald attempts to capture Jirachi, but is attacked by [[Guile Hideout]], the actual culprit who attacked Noland. When Jirachi runs off, Emerald attempts to pursue it, only to be attacked by the rental Pokémon Guile had stolen. The other Frontier Brains attempt to avenge Noland by attacking Guile, but are swiftly defeated.
[[File:Anabel SM chapter.png|150px|thumb|Anabel in the fourteenth chapter]]
Anabel applauds Emerald for focusing on his mission instead of staying behind to fight and offers to fight Guile while he focuses on capturing Jirachi. Using Raikou's control over lightning, Anabel manages to trap Guile in a cage of electricity. Emerald attempts to use this chance to capture Jirachi, but Guile uses his sword to destroy the Poké Ball and breaks free from the cage. Jirachi takes this chance to flee, forcing Guile to escape as well to continue his pursuit of it. Injured from the battle, everyone decides to return to the Battle Frontier. When they meet up with Scott again, he reveals that he was aware of Guile and Emerald's true mission the entire time. Scott states that he withheld the information from the Frontier Brains to help them get stronger as they still would have lost even if they had known of Guile beforehand.
It was revealed that Anabel had become a member of the [[International Police]]. She, along with [[Looker]] first appear investigating [[Po Town]], where several [[Ultra Beasts]] had appeared before breaking out and wreaking havoc on [[Ula'ula Island]]. Shortly after arriving, Anabel and Looker meet with {{adv|Sun}} and {{adv|Moon}}, a pair of children who had previously faced the Ultra Beasts. While she questioned Sun and Moon about the beasts, Anabel had Looker go off to investigate the rampaging beasts to find information on them as well. After receiving the information, Anabel sent out her {{p|Mismagius}} to battle {{p|Blacephalon}}, another Ultra Beast that emerged from an [[Ultra Wormhole]].
Together with Sun, Anabel managed to stun Blacephalon long enough to throw a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} at it, but Blacephalon immediately breaks out, confirming that regular Poké Balls do not work on Ultra Beasts. Blacephalon retaliates by using {{m|Mind Blown}} on the group, forcing Anabel to get everyone out of the way. Anabel and the others are saved by {{p|Tapu Bulu}}, the [[Guardian deities|guardian deity]] of Ula'ula Island, who used a large gust of wind to blow both Blacephalon and its attack far away. As Sun and Moon feed a [[Mirage Berry]] to Tapu Bulu to befriend it, Anabel speculates that there must be a man hiding in Alola capable of making Poké Balls that are able to capture Ultra Beasts.
Later, Anabel, Sun, and Moon head towards [[Poni Island]]. Anabel revealed to Sun and Moon that {{p|Xurkitree}} and Blacephalon are also making their way to Poni. Due to Poni not having an [[Island Kahuna]], there would be no one capable enough of protecting the island from the two beasts. Sun, more fixated on delivering the next Mirage Berry to {{p|Tapu Fini}}, decided to head off and find someone who can help him search for it. After docking on Poni, Anabel and Moon arrived at [[Seafolk Village]], which had been evacuated due to the Ultra Beasts' attacks. Worried that some injured people may still be there, Anabel requested to Moon that she help heal any hurt civilians. As they walked through [[Poni Wilds]], Moon asked Anabel how she knew the names of the Ultra Beasts. Anabel then revealed that she knew because she is a Faller, a human who had passed through an Ultra Wormhole.
Later, Anabel and Moon traveled to [[Vast Poni Canyon]], where they witnessed [[Faba]] battling [[Plumeria]]. Anabel confronted Faba about the [[Aether Foundation]]'s involvement with the Ultra Beasts' appearance in Alola. Worried that his plans could be jeopardized, Faba has his {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}}s battle against Anabel and Moon, hoping the distraction would give him the chance to escape. Anabel used her Pokémon to keep the Employees busy while she, Moon, and Plumeria followed Faba. As he approached the [[Poni Altar]], Faba revealed he was aware of his pursuers and proceeded to attack them while assisted by more Employees. During the battle, Moon was grabbed by {{p|Tapu Koko}} and taken to the Poni Altar.
Later, Anabel managed to defeat and capture Faba. After meeting with [[Gladion]], [[Lillie]], and [[Hapu]], the four traveled to the Altar, where they found that Sun and Moon managed to summon {{p|Solgaleo}} and {{p|Lunala}}, the [[Legendary Pokémon]] of the Alola region. After explaining what Solgaleo and Lunala are and their connection with {{p|Cosmog}}, Anabel received a call from Looker, who reported that a large number of Ultra Beasts emerged from Po Town and have made their way to Poni Island. Anabel teamed up with Moon, Gladion, and Hapu to fend off the attacking beasts. Later, a larger than usual wormhole opened at the Altar, which Anabel noted was caused by the {{p|Necrozma|Blinding One}}. A hand emerged from the wormhole and grabbed Solgaleo, taking control of its body. The possessed Solgaleo captured Sun with its tail and jumped into the wormhole while Moon and [[Nebby]] followed after it.
|desc={{p|Mismagius}} is Anabel's second known Pokémon. It was first used to battle a {{p|Blacephalon}} at [[Po Town]] alongside {{adv|Sun}}'s [[Cent]]. Together, they managed to stun it long enough for Anabel to attempt a capture, but the [[Ultra Beast]] broke out of the [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} easily.
Mismagius's known moves are {{m|Magical Leaf}} and {{m|Phantom Force}}.}}
** In the anime episode wherein she made her debut, Anabel was mentioned to be the head of the Battle Tower's Battle Salon.
* In the anime, her {{p|Espeon}} knows {{m|Zap Cannon}}, a move [[Anime move errors|it could not learn in the games]] at the time of her anime appearance during [[Generation III]].
* Both of her teams in {{game|Emerald}} use a {{type|Psychic}}, one of the [[Legendary beasts]], and a {{p|Snorlax}}.
* Anabel's ability to sense the feelings of Pokémon is similar to that of {{an|N}} in the anime and [[Sheena]] from the [[M12|twelfth movie]].
* Anabel's [[Battle Tree]] battle music in {{pkmn|Sun and Moon}} and {{pkmn|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}} is a completely unaltered version of the Frontier Brain battle theme from Emerald.