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[[File:Ash Pikachu wounded.png|thumb|left|220px|Ash rushing Pikachu to the Pokémon Center]]
Pikachu's next major battle was in Ash's [[Vermilion Gym]] battle against [[Lt. Surge's Raichu]] in ''[[EP014|Electric Shock Showdown]]''. [[Lt. Surge]] laughed at Ash for attempting to defeat his Raichu with its pre-evolved form, angering Ash and Pikachu. PikachuIndeed, startedRaichu offturned usingout {{m|Thunderto Shock}}be whichmore seemedpowerful tothan doPikachu, nothingand toa Raichu.combination Raichuof thenattacks usedfrom itsit ownresulted Thunderin Shock, which wasso much moredamage powerful thanto Pikachu's attack,that andhe dealthad muchto morebe damagehospitalized. FollowingLater advicein fromthe Brockepisode, Ash triedoffered recallingto let Pikachu inevolve orderinto toa forfeitRaichu with a [[Thunder Stone]] that Nurse Joy had given him. However, Pikachu wasrefused, determinedwanting to defeat Raichu, andon therefore,his keptown fightingterms. WhileDuring tryingthe tosubsequent attackrematch with Lt. Surge, Pikachu gotonce overwhelmedagain byfaced Raichu's. Using moves like {{m|Mega PunchAgility}} and {{m|MegaQuick KickAttack}}, andwhich wasRaichu finallydidn't defeatedknow, byPikachu a powerful Thunderbolt. Duemanaged to allgain the damageupper hehand hadand takendodge duringRaichu's theattacks. battle,Raichu Pikachuresponded hadwith toan beextremely hospitalized.powerful LaterThunderbolt in the episodeattack, Ashbut offeredPikachu toused lethis Pikachutail evolveas intoan aanchor Raichuto withabsorb athe [[Thundershock, Stone]]and thatRaichu Nursethen Joyran hadout givenof himelectricity. However, Pikachu refused,then wantingused his tail to defeatslam Raichu onand hisdefeat ownit, termsearning Ash the {{badge|Thunder}}.
Later,In Ash''[[EP022|Abra challengedand Lt.the SurgePsychic to a rematchShowdown]]'', where Pikachu oncewas againsent faced Raichu. Tryingout to getbattle close,[[Sabrina's PikachuAbra]] gotduring hammered to the ground by RaichuAsh's tail,[[Saffron followedGym]] upbattle. byIt repeatingproved hitsto frombe itsa tail.tough Raichufoe, then hit him hard withusing {{m|Body SlamTeleport}}. As Raichu was about to finish him off with another Body Slam,avoid Pikachu's managedThunder to get up and dodge itShock. AshAbra soonthen found out from Brock that since Raichu wassuddenly evolved sointo earlyKadabra, it did not learn any of the moves thatmaking it couldmuch onlystronger. learn as a PikachuEventually, suchKadabra asused {{m|AgilityPsychic}} andto {{m|Quickcontrol Attack}}.Pikachu's Throughbody hisand userepeatedly ofsmash thesehim moves, Pikachu managed to gaininto the upperceiling. handUnwilling andto dodgesee Raichu'shis attacks.friend Raichusuffer respondedeven withmore, anAsh extremelyforfeited powerfulthe Thunderboltmatch. attackIn thatAsh's Lt.subsequent Surgerematch waswith sure[[Sabrina]] couldin defeat''[[EP024|Haunter Pikachu.versus PikachuKadabra]]'', however,Pikachu usedfought hisKadabra tailagain, assince an{{TP|Sabrina|Haunter}} anchordidn't toshow absorbup theand shock.his Raichuother triedPokémon usingwere Thunderbolttoo againterrified. butEventually, dueHaunter toappeared itsand previousmade attackSabrina itand hadKadabra runlaugh, outleaving ofthem electricityincapacitated. It then tried to hit Pikachu withAs a {{m|Take Down}}result, butAsh was outspeddeclared the winner by Pikachu[[Sabrina's Quickfather]], Attack.which Pikachuearned then used his tail to slam Raichu and defeat it, earning Ashhim the {{badge|ThunderMarsh}}.
In ''[[EP022|Abra and the Psychic Showdown]]'', Pikachu was sent out to battle against [[Sabrina's Abra]] during Ash's [[Saffron Gym]] battle. It proved to be a tough foe, using {{m|Teleport}} to avoid Pikachu's Thunder Shock. Abra then suddenly evolved into Kadabra, making it much stronger. Pikachu tried filling the battlefield with lightning to prevent Kadabra from using Teleport, but Kadabra countered with {{m|Confusion}} to send the attack back to Pikachu. Kadabra then used {{m|Psychic}} to control Pikachu's body and started to repeatedly smash him into the ceiling and back down. Unwilling to see his friend suffer even more, Ash forfeited the match.
In Ash's rematch with [[Sabrina]] in ''[[EP024|Haunter versus Kadabra]]'', Pikachu selflessly fought Kadabra, since {{TP|Sabrina|Haunter}} didn't show up and his other Pokémon were too terrified. Pikachu used Thunder Shock, which Kadabra avoided using Teleport. After taking a hit from Kadabra's {{m|Psybeam}}, Pikachu unleashed a powerful Thunderbolt which dealt major damage to Kadabra. Kadabra, however, quickly used {{m|Recover}}, negating the damage it had taken. At that moment, Haunter appeared, and made Sabrina and Kadabra laugh. As both Sabrina and Kadabra were unable to continue the battle, Ash was declared the winner by [[Sabrina's father]] which earned him the {{badge|Marsh}}.
In ''[[EP033|The Flame Pokémon-athon!]]'', Pikachu entered the [[Big P Pokémon Race]] with {{AP|Squirtle}}. The two were at a significant disadvantage due to Squirtle's short legs, and Pikachu's comparative weight, but in a way, this helped as they managed to escape an {{p|Electrode}} self-destructing. They made ground when they reached the water stage, putting them in the top four with Ash, {{an|Misty}} and [[Dario]]. However, intervention from Team Rocket forced a battle, and the two were put out of the running by a {{m|Glare}} attack from {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}.
In ''[[EP052|Princess vs. Princess]]'', Pikachu was borrowed by Misty, so she could use him in the [[Queen of the Princess Festival]], the main event in the annual [[Princess Festival]]. During the competition, he was seen defeating a {{p|Fearow}}. In the finals, Pikachu was Misty's first Pokémon used against [[Jessie]]. Pikachu easily managed to defeat Arbok, {{TP|James|Weezing}} and {{MTR}} in succession with a single Thunder Shock. Pikachu then faced [[Jessie's Lickitung]]. He tried attacking with Thunderbolt, but was then licked by Lickitung and knocking him out.
In ''[[EP058|Riddle Me This]]'', Pikachu was Ash's last Pokémon used in his seventh Gym battle at the [[Cinnabar Gym]], where he faced off against [[Blaine]]'s {{p|Rhydon}}. Pikachu used his quickness to dodge Rhydon's {{m|Fury Attack}} and then used Thunderbolt, which was ineffective. Despite being immune to Electric moves, Rhydon was defeated when Pikachu aimed his Thunderbolt attack at the horn on Rhydon's head. Pikachu then faced [[Blaine's Magmar]]. Pikachu tried dodging Magmar's {{m|Fire Punch}} the same way he had dodged Rhydon's Fury Attack, but got hit. Pikachu then tried hitting Magmar with an Electric-type attack, but it proved to be ineffective due to Magmar's Air Lens ability, which heated the air surrounding Magmar, making Electric-typewhose attacks ineffective. Magmar then attacked with a series of Fire Punches, driving Pikachu to the edge of the battlefield. Magmar then unleashed its {{m|Fire Blast}}, which managed to push Pikachu further back, andeventually almost caused himPikachu to fall off the battlefield inand into the lava below. Seeing that, Ash then decided to forfeit the match.
[[File:Ash Pikachu Poké Ball.png|thumb|220px|Pikachu's Poké Ball, with a lightning bolt mark, at Professor Oak's Laboratory]]
In ''[[EP063|The Battle of the Badge]]'', Ash had Pikachu attack Team Rocket and their Pokémon after they sent out Arbok and Weezing to attack during their Gym battle. Using Thunderbolt, Pikachu hit all of the opposing Pokémon at once, causing {{p|Machamp}}, Rhydon and {{p|Kingler}} to run away in fear, and defeating Arbok and Weezing. After Team Rocket got blasted off, Ash got his eighth Gym Badge, the {{badge|Earth}}.
Pikachu made friends with another Pikachu, [[nickname|named]] [[Puka]] in ''[[EP067|The Pi-Kahuna]]''. This particular Pikachu had blue eyes, and was an excellent surfer. Ash and his friends had to save both Pikachu when Team Rocket tried to steal them both using their submarine.
AshPikachu usedmade Pikachufriends manywith timesanother during thePikachu, [[Indigo Plateau Conferencenickname|named]]. In ''[[EP076|Fire and IcePuka]]'', Pikachu fought againstin ''[[PeteEP067|The PebblemanPi-Kahuna]]'s'. powerfulThis {{p|Arcanine}}.particular Pikachu startedhad offblue using Agility to confuse Arcanineeyes, but this strategyand was counteredan byexcellent Arcanine,surfer. whoAsh meltedand thehis icefriends field using its Fire Blast, causinghad to wholesave battlefieldboth toPikachu becomewhen oneTeam bigRocket pool of water. Pikachu, however, used thistried to hissteal advantagethem byboth using the water to conduct his electricity and managed to defeat Arcanine with a powerfultheir Thunderboltsubmarine.
Ash used Pikachu many times during the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]]. In ''[[EP077EP076|TheFire Fourthand Round RumbleIce]]'', hePikachu fought against [[JeanettePete FisherPebbleman]]'s powerful {{p|BellsproutArcanine}}, who already hadand defeated [[Ash'sit Bulbasaur]]. Pikachu triedby using Thunderthe Shock,water butmade Bellsproutfrom dodgedthe andmelted usedice {{m|Razor Leaf}}. Managingbattlefield to avoidconduct Razorhis Leaf, Pikachu usedpowerful Thunderbolt,. butIn it''[[EP077|The wasFourth ineffectiveRound sinceRumble]]'', Bellsprouthe usedfought its[[Jeanette rootsFisher]]'s to{{p|Bellsprout}}, conductwho thealready electricityhad todefeated the[[Ash's groundBulbasaur]]. Pikachu then engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Bellsprout, but despiteDespite trying his best, he was easily defeated by the skilled Pokémon's {{m|Slam}}.
Pikachu later faced off against Happy, [[Ritchie]]'s {{p|Butterfree}}, in ''[[EP079|Friend and Foe Alike]]''. Despite being exhausted from battling Team Rocket earlier, he still wanted to participate in the battle. Pikachu started off with {{m|Double-Edge}}, knocking Happy to the ground. As Happy tried flying up, he held on to it, and defeated the Butterfly Pokémon with a Thunderbolt. He then faced off against [[Zippo]], Ritchie's {{p|Charmander}}, but due to being exhausted by all his battles, Pikachu was quickly overwhelmed by Zippo's {{m|Flamethrower}} and was knocked out by its {{m|Tackle}}.