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The sudden explosion of Toren's stolen {{a|Effect Spore}} and the subsequent blaze led Harriet to join forces with Ash and the others. She elected herself to go to the abandoned power plant and get it started, revealing that she helped construct the old facility. Her faith in her Pokémon entourage, which she called her "scamps", improved after they helped put out the fire blocking the path to the facility and then pushed the starter turbine to get the larger wind turbine moving again. The old turbine helped blow Toren's [[Lum Berry]] elixir into Fula City and clear the air of the toxic Effect Spore gas.
Harriet later joined Ash and the others at the stadium. After the blaze was put out and the eternal flame was returned, she witnessed {{OBP|Lugia|M21}} as it soared through the sky. Harriet later attended the [[Wind Festival]]'s closing ceremony and released a lantern into the sky.
Machamp's only known move is {{m|Strength}}.}}
====In the past=Decesead===