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Necrozma (Pokémon)

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Necrozma's is a vaguely humanoid Pokémon whose body appears to be constructed out of a black crystalline material;. its disproportionatelyThe large armsprotrusion haveattached threeto clawsits juttinghead outis ofits themtail, aswhich well ashas a singlerow largeof whitishthree crystallarge protrudingspikes backwardsalong fromthe eachtop arm.and Itsis smallwhite legsin bendthe backwardsback likewith a bird'sdark andgray havesymbol threeresembling toesa Ain singlethe small,center. hook-likeIts wingface growsis outactually ofa eachprism-like ofobject itsknown Thethe largebrain protrusionprism, attachedwhich topossesses itsa headcollection isof itsmulticolored tail,shapes whichthat isresemble whiteeyes. inIts thethin backarms withhave adisproportionately darklarge grayhands symbolwith resemblingthree a star in the centerclaws. ThisJutting partout of the tailback glowsof whileeach absorbinghand lightis thata itwhitish convertscrystal tothat lasers.darkens Thetoward sidesthe of its headtip, and theeach topelbow ofhas itsa tailhook-like arespike. coveredTwo inlarge spikes. Itsjut facefrom iseach actuallyshoulder aand prism-likethere objectis knowna asrow theof brainsmaller prism,spikes whichalong possesseseach a collectionside of multicoloredits shapesbody. thatIts resemblefeet eyes.have Despitethree being pitchhook-black, Necrozma's body constantly refracts light like atoes prismeach.
Necrozma can take control of {{p|Solgaleo}} or {{p|Lunala}} by fusing with them, allowing it to assume its '''Dusk Mane Necrozma''' or '''Dawn Wings Necrozma''' forms, respectively. Because Necrozma is forcibly absorbing their light, Solgaleo and Lunala constantly glow in a manner similar to their Radiant Sun and Full Moon phases while fused. In both cases, the hosts'host’s bodiesbody areis covered in parts of Necrozma's body, which areis arranged like armor; in particular, Necrozma's large clawed arms are prominent in both forms, though they lack the large crystals jutting from them. Both forms have a triangular helmet with Necrozma's brain prism prominently visible, with bright glowing blue eyes for Dusk Mane Necrozma and pink eyes for Dawn Wings Necrozma. Using the split tail on Dusk Mane Necrozma's sides or Dawn Wings Necrozma's back, both of these forms can propel themselves forward using black light.<ref></ref>
OnceDusk it absorbs enough light,Mane Necrozma canhas undergoarmor a process called [[Ultra Burst]] to reclaimaround its truefront form: '''Ultra Necrozma'''paws, a colossalhead, shiningand dragon armored by pieces ofsides. Necrozma's originallarge form.claws Mostextend offrom its bodyback isand madestructures ofsimilar pureto lighthalf energy, as indicated byof its non-solidtail shape;are thisattached lightto iseach producedside fromof theits brain prism, which is no longer visiblechest. Ultra NecrozmaIt has twoa pairstriangular ofhelmet clawed wings,with a long, spikedthin tail, and a head resembling a shining star with several long hornsantenna on theeach sidesside and top.Necrozma's Itsbrain faceprism isprominently armored and has multicolored {{wp|Heterochromia iridum|heterochromic}} eyes; the left eye is primarily red, while the right is mainly bluedisplayed. In this form, NecrozmaSolgaleo's largeown clawed armseyes and smallnose legsare havevisible swappedas placesbright, respectivelyblue becominglights. UltraThe Necrozma'sarmor feetaround andits partsfeet ofcovers its wings. As Ultra Necrozmaclaws, allforms ofa thediamond-shape pieceson ofeach Necrozma's base form have now become a shining golden colorside, thoughand itcreates willtwo returnspikes toon black if the light it has stolen escapestop. UltraA Necrozmastructure hassimilar ato body temperatureone of 10,000Necrozma's degreeslegs Fahrenheit; anything that it touches will meltextends from theits extreme heatback. ItUsing canthe firearmor laser beams from every part ofon its bodychest, andit theseis lasersable canto reachpropel overitself 18by milesshooting away,black burning through everything in their pathlight.<ref></ref> As seen in the [[SM089|anime]], when Necrozma uses up all its light it enters into a deep slumber unless it absorbs more light.
Dawn Wings Necrozma has armor around its torso, head, and certain parts of its wings and tail. It also has a triangular helmet with the brain prism visible, as well as Lunala’s own eyes visible as glowing pink lights. Necrozma's arms extend form the center of its chest. The armor surrounding its body has two large spikes jutting up from around its shoulders and four, glowing pink lights in the center. On its lower back are two thin, antennae-like growths extending downward. A structure similar to Necrozma's tail extends from the center of its back, and like its Dusk Mane form, can be used as a form of propulsion. Several diamond-shaped structures, which are capable of firing dark energy, line its wings and tail.<ref></ref>
Necrozma uses light as an energy source and though it seems pained, searches constantly for it. If it stops absorbing light, impurities build up on it, causing it to darken and stop moving. Once it absorbs enough light, Necrozma can undergo a process called [[Ultra Burst]] to reclaim its true form: '''Ultra Necrozma''', a colossal, shining dragon armored by pieces of Necrozma's original form.
Most of Ultra Necrozma’s body is made of pure light energy. Its head its surrounded by several spikes and a pair of small wings, which gives it a star-like shape. Its face is armored and has multicolored {{wp|Heterochromia iridum|heterochromic}} eyes; the left eye is primarily red, while the right is mainly blue. It has two pairs of wings: one around its shoulders and one around its hips. While the wings themselves are made of light, the "arm" portions are made of golden segments. The upper pair has three claws on each arm and the lower pair has only a single claw. Its legs are covered by armor resembling its former arms, which are now a shining gold. Finally, it has a long, spiked tail. Ultra Necrozma has a body temperature of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit; anything that it touches will melt from the extreme heat. It can fire laser beams from every part of its body, and these lasers can reach over 18 miles away, burning through everything in their path.<ref></ref> As seen in the [[SM089|anime]], when Necrozma uses up all its light it enters into a deep slumber unless it absorbs more light.
Necrozma originates from [[Ultra Space]] and is capable of opening and traveling through [[Ultra Wormhole]]s. In [[Ultra Megalopolis]], it is known as the "Blinding One" (Japanese: '''かがやきさま''' ''Radiant One''). It once had the ability to give light, but lost this ability after being injured under unknown circumstances; [[Professor Kukui]] and [[Lillie]] theorize that the [[Sparkling Stone]]s used to perform Z-Moves are fragments of Necrozma's body that it lost upon this injury. In its incomplete state, Necrozma suffers constant pain and displays immense hostility. In an effort to restore itself to its original state, Necrozma steals light from other places and beings, including Solgaleo, Lunala, and Ultra Megalopolis; this behavior caused it to be feared as the "pillager of light" in ancient Alola. When Necrozma absorbs light from a world, that world becomes shrouded in darkness until the stolen light is returned. While absorbing light, Necrozma's brain prism glows white.<ref>[[Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: The Official Alola Region Pokédex & Postgame Adventure Guide]]</ref>