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Kanto Route 2

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Generation II: removing speculation
===Generation II===
Generation II, however, significantly tweaked the [[route]] layout. The terrain and building layout of the eastern half of Route 2 in Generation II is identical to that of Generation I; however, the item locations have changed. Also, the Trainer who offered to trade Mr. Mime is no longer present in the house. Instead, the building is home to a man who gives the player a [[Nugget]]. He may be the same guy who is digging [[Three Isle Path]] during [[Generation III]], as he gives the player a Nugget and says he'd like to buy a house in [[Kanto]].
The major changes to Route 2 came along the western half, however. The northern and southern extents are nearly identical to the Generation I version, except for the addition of three Trainers not present in Generation I or Generation III. [[Viridian Forest]] no longer exists as a standalone area and has been replaced with a tree maze that is now part of Route 2. The maze, which contains items placed similar to those located in the Generation I and III versions of Viridian Forest, is designed with the same layout as Viridian Forest.