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In ''[[AG089|A Scare to Remember!]]'', Pikachu developed amnesia after an attack by Team Rocket and their machine. Team Rocket took advantage of this, and tricked Pikachu into joining them. He was then ordered to attack the group. Trying to get Pikachu back, Ash fearlessly jumped on their balloon. Team Rocket ordered Pikachu to hit Ash with Thunderbolt, causing them to get blasted off and causing Ash and Pikachu to fall down in a river. With Ash protecting Pikachu, Pikachu managed to regain his memory, and got rid of Team Rocket once again.
In ''[[AG097|Gaining Groudon]]'', Ash and the group got on a submarine owned by [[Team Magma]], where they met Team Magma's leader, [[Maxie]]. An explosion caused by {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Kyogre (AG)|Kyogre}}, caused the [[Blue Orb]] to fly off Maxie's desk. Pikachu managed to catch the orb before Team Magma could regain it. However, the orb soon started to glow, and melted into Pikachu's body, greatly increasing his power, but also making him lose control over himself. In [[AG098|the next episode]], Pikachu awakened {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Groudon (AG)|Groudon}}, and aided it in its battle with {{p|Kyogre}}. Due to everyone's teamwork, {{p|Groudon}} was able to defeat Kyogre, causing the Blue Orb to emerge from Pikachu's body. Pikachu was then saved from drowning by Kyogre, and later bade it and Groudon farewell.
In ''[[AG100|Solid as a Solrock]]'', Ash used Pikachu and {{AP|Swellow}} in the [[Double Battle]] against [[Tate and Liza]] with their respective {{TP|Tate|Solrock}} and {{TP|Liza|Lunatone}}. Solrock and Lunatone both started off using Tackle which both scored a direct hit on Pikachu and Swellow. Pikachu and Swellow then tried hitting their opponents with Quick Attack and {{m|Peck}}, but their attack was dodged, causing them to crash into planets hanging from the ceiling, and caused them to fall on top of each as they hit the ground. This gave Solrock and Lunatone the opportunity to launch a {{m|Solar Beam}} and {{m|Ice Beam}}. As the attacks were about to hit their marks, the two beams accidentally collided, canceling each other out, causing the twins to quarrel. Ash used this chance to recover, and had Pikachu and Swellow strike the opposing Pokémon with a respective Iron Tail and {{m|Aerial Ace}}. Both Meteorite Pokémon then charged towards Pikachu using Tackle, but Swellow was able to save him in time, causing Solrock and Lunatone to crash into each other. The battle then got interrupted by Team Rocket, who destroyed the gym using their machine, and stole Solrock and Lunatone.