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Team Rocket HQ

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According to the {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s found inside the HQ, it was once used as a {{wp|ninja}} base, and was presumably renovated by [[Team Rocket]] sometime in the past.
The upper floor of the base contains {{p|Persian}} statues with security cameras in their eyes; walking past one triggers two Team Rocket Grunts that {{pkmn|battle}} the {{player}} until they deactivate the cameras using a switch in the center of the area. The far left hallway bypasses most of the Persian cameras, but the floor is booby-trapped with {{p|Koffing}}, {{p|Voltorb}}, and {{p|Geodude}}, which battle the player and have a tendency to {{m|Self-Destruct|Selfdestruct}}. In {{2v2|Gold|Silver}}, the player cannot [[escape]] from these Pokémon.
The second floor contains the generator room where six {{p|Electrode}} power the radio transmitter. The room is locked and requires a password to open.