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Slowpoke Tail

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Non-item appearances
===Non-item appearances===
In {{game5|Gold|Silver|Crystal|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, a man near the [[Pokémon Center]] on {{rt|32|Johto}} offers to sell the player a Slowpoke Tail for {{PDollar}}1,000,000; however, it cannot be purchased, as this is more [[Pokémon Dollar|money]] than the player can carry in these games. Later, the player discovers [[Team Rocket]] harvesting Slowpoke Tails from Slowpoke in the [[Slowpoke Well]] in [[Azalea Town]]. After Team Rocket are defeated, the man at Route 32 disappears.
In [[Pokémon X and Y]], Slowpoke Tail is one of the dishes served by {{DL|Lumiose City restaurants|Restaurant Le Yeah}} in [[Lumiose City]].