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In {{pmin|Brazil}}, the episode ''[[SM042|Alola, Kanto!]]'', which features the return of {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} after a long absence, premiered on {{wp|Cartoon Network (Latin America)|Cartoon Network Brazil}} at 4 p.m. BRT. Later that day, starting at 6 p.m. BRT, the channel aired a special marathon with the episodes ''[[SM002|The Guardian's Challenge!]]'', ''[[SM033|Big Sky, Small Fry!]]'', ''[[SM034|A Crowning Moment of Truth!]]'', a rerun of ''Alola, Kanto!'', and the premiere of ''[[SM043|When Regions Collide!]]'', followed by ''[[M20|Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!]]''. On their social media, the channel also posted several Pokémon-related images and wallpapers. Additionally, the local TCG distributor and event organizer Copag used its Facebook account to share many code cards for the {{pkmn|Trading Card Game Online}}.
At 10 p.m. JST, [[Pokémon Sword and Shield]] were announced in a worldwide [[Nintendo Direct]].
==Other events==
In {{pmin|Singapore}} on November 24, 2014, an event also called "Pokémon Day" was held after a soccer game between {{wp|Albirex Niigata}} and {{wp|Home United FC}}. The event was sponsored by Nintendo and local distributor Maxsoft, and a {{Shiny}} [[XY Gengar|Gengar]] was given away to visitors.
==In other languages==