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===Fourth Generation===
{{main|MC Fourth Generation}}
The fourth generation packaging reverts to the previous generation packaging. The top of the packaging is red, with a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} on the top left. Behind the Pokémon is a white background with a faint background effect. On the left side is a black column with the text 'Pocket Monsters' on it using the background coloring. The number is on a black and white sticker on the front of the box.
===Fifth Generation===
File:MC Special Slowking.jpg|{{p|Slowking}}
===Selling & Buying Tomy Figures===
{{main|Guide For Collectors}}
Before anything. New collectors need to keep in mind that this hobby is not cheap at all, it's worth mentioning that the price varies from $5 to $100 for some figures. Here take a look on what you need to know to start your new collection.
==Moncolle plus==
Moncollé-EX is a new line of figures that will bewere released concurrently with the [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]] games.
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