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In the games: Accuracy.
Later on in the game, an NPC in [[Snowbelle City]] who is an old friend of Lysandre mentions that Lysandre had noble intentions and did his best to help people in need, but was eventually convinced of humanity's stupidity, along with his own limitations which resulted in him becoming a misanthrope.
Lysandre appears as a member of [[Team Rainbow Rocket]] in {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}. He is one of the second pair of bosses the player must face, along with [[Cyrus]]. This Lysandre was summoned from a world where his plans succeeded. However, as he explains to the player, hea bright light fellconsumed unconscioushim when he fired the [[ultimate weapon]] and was transported to the game's world. He has his {{tc|Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt}}s set up devices with red and blue buttons in his office within [[Team Rocket's Castle]]. Then, he subjects the player to the same choice the player in Kalos was subjected to, claiming that one button will activate the ultimate weapon and the other will deactivateopen itthe path to [[Giovanni]]. However, no matter which button the player chooses, it will be the one that activates the weapon. InLysandre then tells the player that pushing the opposite button will prevent it from firing. However, in order to buy time for the weapon to fire, Lysandre battles the player, using Xerneas{{sup/7|US}}/Yveltal{{sup/7|UM}} as part of his team. When he is defeated, he allows the player to press the other button, ostensibly shutting down the ultimate weapon, as well as unlocking one of the two seals needed to reach [[Giovanni]]. Lysandre then wonders if things would have been different in his world if he had met a Trainer like the player. He then rejects that line of thought, resolving that he must bring about his beautiful world.