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In the main series
[[File:Professor Sycamore anime.png|250px|thumb|left|Professor Sycamore in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
[[File:Sycamore Lab staff.png|250px|thumb|Professor Sycamore with his assistants]]
Professor Sycamore made his first appearancedebuted in ''[[XY002|Lumiose City Pursuit!]]'', when {{Ash}}, {{an|Clemont}} and {{an|Bonnie}} brought an injured {{AP|Froakie}} to him. Sycamore treated Froakie while explaining that he used to be owned by Trainers but had severe behavioral problems which caused him to either abandon or be abandoned by his past Trainers. Sycamore also explained that his area of research was [[Mega Evolution]], and {{p|Garchomp}} was the Pokémon he was researching since she was capable of achieving it.
After {{TRT}}'s failed attempt to steal Froakie caused Garchomp to go wild, Professor Sycamore joined Ash in his attempt to calm her down but was forced to simply watch from the bottom of [[Lumiose Gym|Prism Tower]]. After the situation had been resolved, he thanked Ash by giving him a new Kalos Pokédex and allowing him to take Froakie, who had bonded with the Trainer, with him.
In ''[[XY003|A Battle of Aerial Mobility!]]'', Sycamore met {{an|Serena}} as she arrived to pick her starter Pokémon.
He appeared again inIn ''[[XY010|Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!]]'', where heSycamore met up with Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie when they returned to Lumiose City. Later, he was captured by {{TRT}}, who sought for his knowledge about Mega Evolution. Serena and Bonnie were also captured when they tried to help the Professor. The three were rescued by Ash, {{AP|Pikachu}}, Clemont, and a {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} from Sycamore's lab, but Team Rocket activated their newest mecha, which chased them across a forest. After Ash and Clemont unsuccessfully tried to defeat the mecha with Pikachu and Chespin, the group was saved by [[Meyer|Blaziken Mask]] and his {{p|Blaziken}}, who destroyed the mecha, and Team Rocket was then sent blasting off by Ash and Clemont. At the end of the episode, Sycamore allowed Clemont to capture Chespin when it wanted to travel with the group.
He appeared in a flashback in ''[[SS029|Mega Evolution Special I]]'', which depicted [[Alain]]'s past job as his aide.
[[File:Sycamore casual clothes.png|thumb|left|250px|Professor Sycamore in casual clothing]]
[[File:Sycamore no lab coat.png|thumb|250px|Without his lab coat on]]
Sycamore reappeared inIn ''[[XY028|The Bonds of Evolution!]]'', when heSycamore met up with [[Diantha]] regarding Mega Evolution. He attempted to charm her secretary, [[Kathi Lee]], when she interrupted, only to be hit with a book. Later, he filmed Ash's battle with Diantha and {{p|Gardevoir}} Mega Evolving against Team Rocket.
Sycamore appeared again inIn ''[[XY039|Summer of Discovery!]]'', where it was revealed that heSycamore invited Ash and {{ashfr|company}} to participate in his annual [[Pokémon Summer Camp]]. It was also revealed he was the one who gave {{an|Tierno}}, {{an|Shauna}}, and {{an|Trevor}} their starter Pokémon. He, along with his assistants, appeared throughout the event to officiate activities and announce winners.
He appeared in flashbacks in ''[[SS031|Mega Evolution Special II]]'' and ''[[XY060|A Showcase Debut!]]''.
He reappeared inIn ''[[SS032|Mega Evolution Special III]]'', where heSycamore saw a TV report that showed Alain fighting [[Primal Reversion|Primal]] {{p|Groudon}}, Primal {{p|Kyogre}}, and {{me|Rayquaza}} and was shocked to see him there.
Sycamore reappeared inIn ''[[XY068|Garchomp's Mega Bond!]]'', when Ash and his friends visitvisited himSycamore before leaving [[Lumiose City]]. He showed the group a special machine that could determine which Pokémon could Mega Evolve with a certain Mega Stone, and found out the Mega Stone was [[Garchompite]]. However, Team Rocket stole the Garchompite, along with a Key Stone and the professor's Garchomp. But before they successfully Mega Evolve Garchomp, Professor Sycamore Mega Evolves his Garchomp for the first time with the help of [[Meyer|Blaziken Mask]].
He appeared again inIn ''[[XY080|Performing with Fiery Charm!]]'', where heSycamore watched Serena competing in the [[Dendemille Town]] [[Pokémon Showcase]] along with his lab assistants [[Sophie]] and [[Cosette]].
Sycamore reappeared inIn ''[[XY092|Cloudy Fate, Bright Future!]]'', where heSycamore arrived in [[Anistar City]] to research the origins of the mysterious Anistar Sundial, which is said to have a connection with Mega Evolution. He was interrupted by [[{{OBP|Carrie (|XY092)|Carrie]]}}, who mistakenly accuses Sycamore of being the cause of a looming crisis that [[Olympia]] predicted. In the [[XY093|next episode]], Professor Sycamore watched Ash's Gym Battle against Olympia. After Ash's win, he discussed with Olympia about her visions of the future.
Sycamore made a brief appearance inIn ''[[XY112|Master Class is in Session!]]'' and ''[[XY113|Performing a Pathway to the Future!]]'', where heSycamore was watching Serena's performance in the [[Gloire City]] Master Class Pokémon Showcase alongside his assistants.
He was seen briefly in ''[[XY125|A League of His Own!]]'', where he was seen reunitingreunited with Alain at the [[Lumiose Conference]] and tryingtried to shake his hand, but Alain walked away. He then later appeared in the Conferences' stadium, and was shocked to see that Alain could Mega Evolve his Charizard.
He appeared again inIn ''[[XY127|Analysis Versus Passion!]]'', where heSycamore first watched the battle between Alain and [[Remo]] and expressed concern over Alain's cold attitude. He and Diantha also commented on the battle between Ash and [[Sawyer]]. He continued to watch the battle in the [[XY128|next episode]].
Sycamore appeared inIn ''[[XY129|Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!]]'', where heSycamore walked up to Ash and his friends, who were having a conversation while sitting in seats inside a Pokémon CentreCenter at the Lumiose Conference, and spoke to Mairin about Alain, letting Ash and his other friends in on the fact that Mairin and Alain knew each other. Alain later talked to the group about [[Ash's Greninja]] and it's Ash-Greninja form. At night, Professor Sycamore talked to Alain as he was talking to his Charizard. He was later seen watching, along with Diantha, as Ash and Alain each walked towards their respective sides of the battlefield in the Lumiose Conference's stadium, for the final round of the Conference.
He appeared again inIn ''[[XY130|Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!]]'' and ''[[XY131|Down to the Fiery Finish!]]'', watchingSycamore watched the battle between Alain and Ash.
Sycamore reappeared inIn ''[[XY132|A Towering Takeover!]]'', where heSycamore saved [[Mairin]] from a {{tc|Team Flare Grunt}}, who tried to take her under [[Lysandre]]'s orders. Sycamore then battled the Grunt's {{p|Skorupi}} with his Garchomp and escaped with Mairin by taking advantage of the explosion caused by Garchomp countering Skorupi's {{m|Poison Sting}} with {{m|Dragon Claw}}.
Sycamore appeared again inIn ''[[XY133|Coming Apart at the Dreams!]]'', where heSycamore countered [[Aliana]]'s {{p|Druddigon}}'s {{m|Dark Pulse}} with an attack from his Mega Garchomp. He later joined Serena and Mairin on their mission to rescue [[Chespie]] from [[Lysandre Labs]], with the assistance of Team Rocket who commandeered a helicopter in order to travel to the laboratories.
Sycamore reappeared inIn ''[[XY134|The Right Hero for the Right Job!]]'', where heSycamore continued the mission from the previous episode. He appeared again inIn ''[[XY135|Rocking Kalos Defenses!]]'', where heSycamore battled with his Garchomp alongside [[Steven Stone]]; and in ''[[XY136|Forming a More Perfect Union!]]'', where he battled alongside all the [[Gym Leader]]s of Kalos, Diantha, Ash, and Alain against the [[Giant Rock]].
Sycamore reappeared inIn ''[[XY137|Battling With a Clean Slate!]]'', where heSycamore drove Alain to his laboratory, for the surprise party which Ash and his friends were setting up. He later joined the party and after it finished, he gave out some medals to Ash and his friends and their Pokémon, for their assistance in fighting against [[Team Flare]].
He appeared again inIn ''[[XY138|The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!]]'', where heSycamore talked to Serena about putting on a {{pkmn|Showcase}} performance for the citizens of [[Lumiose City]] and later introduced the performance.
Sycamore appeared again inIn ''[[XY140|Till We Compete Again!]]'', where heSycamore told Ash and co.his friends that Alain iswas now going on a journey, along with Mairin, to find a new Key Stone and Mega Stone, due to the fact that he discarded his old ones because Lysandre gave them to him. Sycamore also noted that the Anistar Sundial is providing locations to Mega Stones throughout the region. He later talked to them again while in the middle of presenting a {{tc|Youngster}} with the choice of choosing from one of the three Kalos [[starter Pokémon]].
Sycamore reappeared along with [[Alexa]] inIn ''[[SS036|The Legend of X, Y, and Z!]]'', whereSycamore theyand [[Alexa]] investigated some newly discovered ruins, which continued the statue of a petrified [[Aila]].