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|desc=This {{Shiny}} {{p|Pikachu}}, known as the '''Boss''' (Japanese: '''バンチョー''' ''Banchō''), is one of Pikala's Pokémon. He is highly regarded amongst the other Pikachu in Pikachu Valley and appears to be Pikala's main battling Pokémon.
UponIt first appeared in ''[[SM091|A Plethora of Pikachu!]]'', where upon seeing Curly act friendly with [[Ash's Pikachu]], the Boss became jealous and fired bolts of electricity at Pikachu. The two Pikachu then engaged in a battle, which the Boss lost, causing him gain respect for Pikachu. Afterwards, the valley was attacked by {{TRT}}, who caught all other Pikachu. However, the Boss was able to sent the trio blasting off using his [[Z-Move]], {{m|Catastropika}}.
It appeared again in [[SM114]], as a {{p|Pheromosa}} stole Pikala's [Pikanium Z]].
The Boss's known moves are {{m|Thunderbolt}} and {{m|Volt Tackle}}.<br>