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In the manga
==In the manga==
===In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga===
[[File:Evolutionary stones EToP.png|thumb|250px|EvolutionEvolutionary stones in The Electric Tale of Pikachu]]
The focus of the chapter ''[[ET06|To Evolve or Not to Evolve, That Is the Question!]]'' was evolutionary stones. {{an|Misty}} hoped to buy a Water Stone for her {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} in [[Stone Town]], a town on [[Dream Island]] where all the evolutionary stones in the Pokémon world come from. However, she couldn't afford one, remarking that an inexpensive one might make the evolution go bad.
In ''[[PS011|Buzz Off, Electabuzz!]]'', [[Poli|Red's Poliwhirl]] was able to evolve into a {{p|Poliwrath}} with the help of a Water Stone when they were thrown into the water in {{ci|Vermilion}} Harbor, although the cause of his evolution wasn't revealed until the {{chap|Yellow}}.
In ''[[PS058|The Kindest Tentacruel]]'', the [[Pokémon Fan Club Chairman]] told {{adv|Yellow}} about a legend of an underwater dome at the bottom of Vermilion Harbor, housing a set of Evolutionevolutionary stones which, unlike normal stones, did not disappear after making a Pokémon evolve, allowing them to be used repeatedly. The cause of {{adv|Red}}'s Poliwhirl's evolution had been one of these said stones, proving the legend to be true. Yellow was later led to the dome by a wild {{p|Tentacruel}}, finding a Leaf Stone in it, but the Fire, Thunder, and Water Stones were missing. Later, it was revealed that {{adv|Giovanni}} had given them to Red so he could freely evolve and [[devolution|devolve]] his [[Vee|Eevee]].
In ''[[PS189|Mowing Down Ludicolo]]'', [[Shelly]] used a Water Stone to evolve her {{p|Lombre}} into a {{p|Ludicolo}} while battling against {{adv|Sapphire}}'s Pokémon.