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Galar League
[[File:Early Badges.png|220px|thumb|Early artwork]]
In early character artwork by [[Ken Sugimori]], aA selection of familiar and unfamiliar Badges can be seen in early character artwork by [[Ken Sugimori]]. It appears that the original concept of Badges was more similar to an {{wp|embroidered patch}} than the {{wp|Badge|pinned badge}} asthey it isare portrayed as in the {{pkmn|anime}}. Clockwiseand fromsubsequent topgame leftentries. oppositeWhile are a possible versionsome of thethese [[Media:Redpatches Greendo Red.png|Earth]]resemble [[Media:PokémonBadges Craftseen DXin cover.png|Badge]]the withfinal agame simplerlike leaf design, anthe [[Media:Magazine boytrainerSugimori1996.png|unknownCascade Badge]], anotherthe [[Media:Gold Silver SilverSugimori1996.png|unknownVolcano Badge]], aor possible version ofeven the [[Media:Red Blue Blue.png|Rainbow]] [[Media:Pokémon Craft DX 3.png|Badge]], aothers possibledon't [[Media:Sugimori1996.png|Volcanoappear Badge]]to be based on anything, and twomay have only been made for the sake of aesthetics, much like real-life embroidered patches, such as Red's "[[Media:MagazineRed girltrainerGreen Red.png|CascadeLeaf]] [[Media:Sugimori1996Pokémon Craft DX cover.png|BadgesBadge]] with a hole near the top" or sideSilver's of"[[Media:Gold theSilver Silver.png|Artsy Badge]]".
Other instances of embroidered "Badges" can be seen in the cover art for the ''Games That Stand Out Collection'' magazine, with the male Trainer's [[Media:Magazine boytrainer.png|rock or diamond]] badge and the female Trainer's [[Media:Magazine girltrainer.png|teardrop]] badge, which shares a resemblance to the Cascade Badge. However, given the nature of this illustration (the designs were made specifically for this cover and weren't intended to be used in the franchise<ref>[ The scan of the interview page with English translations newly annotated]</ref>), it is likely that these designs were chosen randomly. The latter Badge's resemblance to the Cascade Badge was most likely a coincidence, given it is a stylized drop of water.
{{shop|Generation IV}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Poké Ball (item)|5=Poké Ball|display=Poké Ball|200|note=<br><small>{{gameabbrev4|HGSS}}: After catching tutorial on {{rt|29|Johto}}}}|{{shopitem|Great Ball|600|note=<sup>3 Badges</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Ultra Ball|1200|note=<sup>5 Badges</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Potion|300}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Super Potion|700|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Hyper Potion|1200|note=<sup>5 Badges</sup>}}}}
{{shop|Generation V}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Poké Ball (item)|200|5=Poké Ball|display=Poké Ball}}|{{shopitem|Great Ball|600|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Ultra Ball|1200|note=<sup>5 Badges</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Potion|300}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Super Potion|700|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Hyper Potion|1200|note=<sup>3 Badges</sup>}}}}
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{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Poké Ball (item)|200|5=Poké Ball|display=Poké Ball|note=<br><small>{{gameabbrev6|ORAS}}: after obtaining [[Pokédex]]</small>}}|{{shopitem|Great Ball|600|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Ultra Ball|1,200|note=<sup>3 Badges</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Potion|300}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Super Potion|700|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Hyper Potion|1,200|note=<sup>2 Badges</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Max Repel|700|note=<sup>3 Badges</sup>}}}}
{{shop|Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Poké Ball (item)|100|5=Poké Ball|display=Poké Ball}}|{{shopitem|Great Ball|300|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}}}
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{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Super Potion|700|note=<sup>2 Badges</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Hyper Potion|1,500|note=<sup>4 Badges</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Max Potion|2,500|note=<sup>6 Badges</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Full Restore|3,000|note=<sup>8 Badges</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Antidote|200}}|{{shopitem|Burn Heal|300}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Ice Heal|100}}|{{shopitem|Awakening|100}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Paralyze Heal|300}}|{{shopitem|Full Heal|400|note=<sup>3 Badges</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Revive|2,000|note=<sup>3 Badges</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Escape Rope|300|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Repel|400|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Super Repel|700|note=<sup>3 Badges</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Max Repel|900|note=<sup>5 Badges</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Lure|400|note=<sup>2 Badges</sup>}}}}
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{{shoprow|{{shopitem|X Attack|550|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}|{{shopitem|X Defense|500|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|X Sp. Atk|350|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}|{{shopitem|X Sp. Def|350|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|X Speed|350|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}|{{shopitem|X Accuracy|950|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Dire Hit|650|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}|{{shopitem|Guard Spec.|700|note=<sup>1 Badge</sup>}}}}
<!--{{shop|Generation VIII}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Poké Ball (item)|100|5=Poké Ball|display=Poké Ball}}|{{shopitem|Great Ball|300|note=<sup>X Badge(s)</sup>}}}}
===Pokémon League===
{{bdg|rock|Coal|コールバッジ|Coal|Roark|Oreburgh City|oa=[[Byron]]|hm={{m|Rock Smash}}|It is shaped like a boulder and a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} combined. It also resembles [[Roark]]'s hard hat, or possibly a treasure chest.}}
{{bdg|grass|Forest|フォレストバッジ|Forest|Gardenia|Eterna City|hm={{m|Cut}}|It is shaped like three trees of a forest, with the trunks whited out.}}
{{bdg|fighting|Cobble|コボルバッジ|Cobble|Maylene|Veilstone City|hm={{m|Fly}}|It is reminiscent of bricks or a tatami mat.|This is the third Badge in Diamond and Pearl, but the fourth in Platinum.|}}
In Black 2 and White 2 the Badges no longer dull over a period of time, and Sinnoh's notes were reintegrated into the Badge screen.
Although Badges are not required to use any of the [[HM]]s outside of battle, some HMs cannot be obtained until after obtaining certain Badges. However, as they are not required, as traded Pokémon that have learned an HM move in another game can still use the HM move before acquiring any Badges.
{{bdg|psychic|Psychic|サイキックバッジ|Psychic|Olympia|Anistar City|lvl=90|hm=None|It is shaped like a crystal ball emanating smoke.}}
{{bdg|ice|Iceberg|アイスバーグバッジ|Iceberg|Wulfric|Snowbelle City|lvl=100|hm={{m|Waterfall}}|It is shaped like a snowflake with an iceberg in the center.}}
===Galar League===
{{bdg|Grass|Grass|くさバッジ|Grass|Milo|Turffield|lvl=30<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 25|It is shaped like a stylized leaf.}}
{{bdg|Water|Water|みずバッジ|Water|Nessa|Hulbury|lvl=40<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 30|It is shaped like three water droplets.}}
{{bdg|Fire|Fire|ほのおバッジ|Fire|Kabu|Motostoke|lvl=50<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 35|It is shaped like a flame.}}
{{bdg|Fighting|Fighting|かくとうバッジ|Fighting|Bea|Stow-on-Side|lvl=60<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 40|It is shaped like a fist with a trail indicating a punching motion.|Exclusive to [[Pokémon Sword and Shield|Pokémon Sword]].}}
{{bdg|Ghost|Ghost|ゴーストバッジ|Ghost|Allister|Stow-on-Side|lvl=60<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 40|It is shaped like a {{wp|will-o'-the-wisp}}.|Exclusive to [[Pokémon Sword and Shield|Pokémon Shield]].}}
{{bdg|Fairy|Fairy|フェアリーバッジ|Fairy|Opal|Ballonlea|og={{color2|000|Bede}}|lvl=70<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 45|It is shaped like a stylized fairy or butterfly.|region=Galar|anchor=GalarFairy Badge}}
{{bdg|Rock|Rock|いわバッジ|Rock|Gordie|Circhester|lvl=80<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 50|It is shaped like a boulder with cracks in it.|Exclusive to [[Pokémon Sword and Shield|Pokémon Sword]].}}
{{bdg|Ice|Ice|こおりバッジ|Ice|Melony|Circhester|lvl=80<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 50|It is shaped like an ice cube.|Exclusive to [[Pokémon Sword and Shield|Pokémon Shield]].}}
{{bdg|Dark|Dark|あくバッジ|Evil|Piers|Spikemuth|og={{color2|000|Marnie}}|lvl=90<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 55|It is shaped like a demonic face with horns and a wide, toothy grin.}}
{{bdg|Dragon|Dragon|ドラゴンバッジ|Dragon|Raihan|Hammerlocke|lvl=100<br>Can capture Pokémon up to Lv. 100|It is shaped like a dragon's face and neck when viewed from the side.}}
{{bdg/h|Orange|4|Orange Archipelago}}
{{bdg|water|Coral-Eye|サクラバッジ|Sakura|Cissy|Mikan Island|It is shaped like a {{wp|clamTellinidae|tellins}} shell with a small gemstone on it.|Its Japanese name comesrefers fromto {{wp|cherry''Nitidotellina blossom}}nitidula'' (桜貝 ''sakuragai''), referringa tospecies itsof colortellins.}}
{{bdg|ground|Sea Ruby|シラナミバッジ|Shiranami|Danny|Navel Island|It is shaped like an {{wp|oystergiant clam}} shell with a small gemstone on it.|Its Japanese name comesrefers fromto the {{wp|maxima clam}} (白波貝 ''shiranamigai'').}}
{{bdg|grass|Spike Shell|リンボウバッジ|Rinbō|Rudy|Trovita Island|It is shaped like a Triumphant{{wp|Guildfordia triumphans|triumphant Starstar Turbanturban}} with a small gemstone on it.|Its Japanese name comesrefers fromto the Triumphanttriumphant Starstar Turbanturban (白波貝 ''rinbōgai''), a spiked shell.}}
{{bdg|psychic|Jade Star|ルリバッジ|Ruri|Luana|Kumquat Island|It is shaped like a {{wp|conchJanthinidae|purple snail}} shell with a small gemstone on it.|Its Japanese name comesrefers fromto the {{wp|lapisJanthina lazuliumbilicata|elongate janthina}} (瑠璃貝 ''rurigai''), a species of sea snails.}}
==In spin-off games==
===Pokémon GO===
{{main|Gym (GO)#Gym Badges|Gym (GO) → Gym Badges}}
===Pokémon Masters===
In [[Pokémon Masters]], players must earn five badges from PML Leaders across [[Pasio]] before they can qualify for the [[Pokémon Masters League]] tournament. According to Erika, each PML Badge is handed out by more than one different PML Leader, though the identies of these Leaders are unknown.
{{bdg/h|Pokémon Masters|5|Pasio}}
{{bdg|grass|Tranquility|カームバッジ|Calm|Erika|Pasio|The green hexagon and gold, leaf-like emblem reference Erika's {{type|Grass}} specialty.}}
{{bdg|flying|Freedom|リバティバッジ|Liberty|Skyla|Pasio|Resembles a feather, similar to Skyla's Badge in the [[core series]], the {{DL||Jet Badge}}.}}
{{bdg|normal|Patience|ペイシェントバッジ|Patient|Norman|Pasio|Resembles a {{wp|tatami}} door, something seen in [[Petalburg Gym]].}}
{{bdg|ice|Harmony|ユニティバッジ|Unity|Pryce|Pasio|It is shaped like a stylized snowflake, referencing Pryce's {{type|Ice}} specialty.}}
{{bdg|ground|Pride|プラウドバッジ|Proud|Hapu|Pasio|It is shaped like a tall mountain, in reference to the mountainous [[Poni Island]] where Hapu comes from.}}
==In the anime==
{{Gary}} acquired more than the standard eight Kanto League Badges, thus leading to confusion as to whether or not there is a fixed number of Badges that can be given out in a particular region. By ''[[EP063|The Battle of the Badge]]'', he is shown to have at least ten Badges, only three of which correspond to known Kanto Badges, suggesting there are at least fifteen Gyms in Kanto. Incidentally, this would provide one Gym for each of the (15 [[type]]s at the time) 15 types.
In ''[[DP101|Barry's Busting Out All Over!]]'', it shows that {{an|Barry}} haswas shown to have three Badges. While the Forest Badge and the Mine Badge are no different, Barry has a third Badge that is different from the eight Sinnoh Badges. In ''[[DP163|Fighting Ire with Fire!]]'', Barry was revealed to have obtained eight Badges already, two more of which are different. This means that there are at least 11 Gyms in Sinnoh. The same unknown red Badge that Barry owns is shown at the end of ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]''.
In ''[[DP174|Last Call, First Round!]]'' it is revealed that, [[Nando]] haswas revealed to have acquired seven Badges, two of which are unknown. These two Badges are the same as two of Barry's unknown Badges.
In ''[[BW052|Ash Versus the Champion!]]'', [[Trip]] revealed all five of the Badges he had collected, three of which are unknown and not seen in-game.
For helping the [[band of Diglett thieves]] with their facade, the [[mayor of Diglett Village]] awarded Ash and his friends with the [[Silver Wing]] Badge.
The Trainers who defeat [[Ryuki]], the {{tc|Kantonian Gym|Leader}} of the unofficial [[Kantonian Gym]], get a novelty Badge featuring his face.
File:Pokemon League Badge.png|Pokémon League Badge
File:Silver Wing anime.png|Silver Wing Badge
File:Ash Kantonian Gym Badge.png|Kantonian Gym Badge
* In {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, the Earth Badge is the only Badge that doesn't allow the use of an HM outside of battle, while in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} it is the only Kanto Badge that does.
* The Rainbow Badge's colors correspond with the colors of all the other Kanto Badges, explaining the colors in its design.
* In the code of the [[Generation I]] games, [[List of unobtainable items|items]] named for each Badge can be found. The items named '''BoulderBadge''' and '''CascadeBadge''' allow players to throw rocksbait and baitrocks, respectively, at Pokémon outside of the {{safari|Kanto}} when used in battle. The other Badges"Badge Items" have no known purpose, simply displaying Professor Oak's "This isn't the time to use that!" message when trying to use them.
* The Basic Badge is the only Badge to be given out by more than one Gym.
* The Rising Badge is the only Badge the player receives outside of its respective Gym.
** The Japanese names of the [[Kanto]] Badges are all colors, following the color pattern for the town and city names.
** The Trio and Insect Badges are the first Badges since the Glacier Badge in Generation II to get renamed in the English version of the games, without there being a localization conflict between the Japanese and English versions.
** All Badges in [[Galar]] are named directly after their corresponding [[Type|types]].
*** Consequentially, both Galar and [[Kalos]] have a Fairy Badge (フェアリーバッジ), making them the only Badges to share a name with each other in both English and Japanese.
* The Storm Badge's English name may derive from the {{wp|lucha libre}} wrestler {{wp|Fray Tormenta}}—also the inspiration for [[Crasher Wake]]—whose name translates as "Friar Storm".