Difference between revisions of "Pokémon Training Manual"

(→‎Errors: Z-Crystals still have names BTW...)
* Any [[Villainous teams|villainous team]] that appeared in the {{pkmn|anime}} are not mentioned in the "Trainers, Beware!" section despite only [[Team Skull]] being mentioned in said section.
* An image of a closed [[Kalos]] [[Pokédex]] appears on page 71, most likely as a misinterpretation of the [[PokéNav]].
* When the book mentions [[Legendary Pokemon]] in [[Alola]], {{p|Zygarde}} is shown in its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zygarde|50% Forme}}, which was introduced in [[Pokémon X and Y]].
* The book incorrectly claims [[Z-MovesMove]]s do not have names.