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Ash's Pikachu

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Orange Archipelago
In ''[[EP099|The Mandarin Island Miss Match]]'', Ash used Pikachu in a battle against [[Lorelei]]{{tt|*|Referred to as Prima in the dub}} of the [[Elite Four]], where he faced her {{TP|Lorelei|Cloyster}}. Pikachu started off with Thunderbolt, but Cloyster used {{m|Withdraw}} to protect itself from the attack. Pikachu then used Agility, but got pushed back by Cloyster's {{m|Reflect}}. He then managed to hit Cloyster with a super-effective {{m|Thunder}}, but Cloyster was still standing. After using {{m|Rage}} to increase its {{stat|Attack}}, Cloyster stopped Pikachu's Quick Attack with {{m|Aurora Beam}}, and knocked him out with Take Down.
In ''[[EP103|Misty Meets Her Match]]'', Pikachu participated in the first part of Ash's battle with [[Rudy]], using his Thunderbolt to blast targets. He then faced off against Rudy's {{p|Electabuzz}}. Pikachu started off using Thunderbolt, but Electabuzz absorbed the attack. He and Electabuzz then both used Quick Attack, but Electabuzz was able to overpower him. Pikachu thenwas gotthen defeated by a powerful {{m|Thunder Punch}}.
[[File:PikaMeowthOffer.png|thumb|230px|right|Pikachu offering {{MTR}} an apple]]