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Pokémon League (Sinnoh)

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Pal Park and arguably the eastern Battle Zone
[[File:Sinnoh Pokémon League DP.png|thumb|200px|The Pokémon League in {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}}]]
The '''Pokémon League''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンリーグ''' ''Pokémon League'') of [[Sinnoh]] is the location of the region's {{si|Elite Four}}, who may only be challenged by the {{player}} after defeating all eight Sinnoh [[Gym Leader]]s. It is located on an island north of {{rt|223|Sinnoh}} and west of {{rt|224|Sinnoh}}, and it is the only place in Sinnoh that requires considerable amounts of {{m|Surf}}ing to reach. Inside the player can challenge the Champion, after defeating the Elite Four in order.
Like in [[Kanto]] and [[Hoenn]], reaching the Pokémon League requires first passing through Sinnoh's {{si|Victory Road}} (and a large waterfall) to the south of the League building. The Sinnoh League is located in a castle reminiscent of a {{wp|Gothic architecture|Gothic cathedral}}, having a rose window and two towers at the very front of the building -- a characteristic of Gothic architecture.