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Vivillon (Pokémon)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
[[Viola]] owns a Meadow Pattern Vivillon, that she uses in her Gym. It first appeared in ''[[PAXY05|Kangaskhan...Kangascan't]]''.
In ''[[PAXY15|Dancing Vivillon]]'' and ''[[PAXY16|Burning Fletchinder]]'', fifteen {{tc|Sky Trainer}}s were hypnotized by [[Malva]] and used fifteen Vivillon, each with a different Pattern. The Vivillon Patterns which debuted were the Archipelago, Continental, Elegant, Garden, High Plains, Icy Snow, Jungle, Modern, Monsoon, Polar, River, Sandstorm, Savanna, Sun and Tundra Patterns. The leader of these Sky Trainers, [[Yvette]], has mentioned that she has 18 of the Vivillon Patterns, including the Poké Ball and Fancy Patterns. After their defeat and no longer being hypnotized the Vivillon safely land the Sky Trainers down in ''[[PAXY17|Shooting Frogadier]]''. YvetterYvette later uses a Marine Pattern Vivillon with her other Vivillon and in conjunction with Viola's Meadow Pattern Vivillon.
Yvette Vivillon Hurricane Adventures.png|Archipelago, Continental, Elegant, Polar and Icy Snow Pattern Vivillon in [[Pokémon Adventures]]