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Rinka and Kenichi

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* Rinka and Kenichi are named and designed after their voice actors, Rinka Ōtani and Hyadain (whose real name is {{wp|Kenichi Maeyamada}}), who are two of the co-hosts of ''[[Meet Up at the Pokémon House?]]''.<ref>[ 「ポケモンの家あつまる?」から豪華キャストが続々出演!]</ref>
Rinka Kenichi SM.png|Artwork of Rinka and Kenichi from the announcement of their guest appearance
==Voice actors==
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|ja='''Rinka''': 大谷凜香 ''Rinka Ōtani''<br>'''Kenichi''': ヒャダイン ''Hyadain''
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