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Sina is revealed to be an Ice specialist. Also, the player gets a stamp instead of a diploma. Also, I'm adding about obedience all levels happen after the first Hall of Fame record.
** [[Gym Leader]]s, [[Gym]]s, and [[Badge]]s.
** A notable {{type|Ice}} [[type expert|expert]].
*** However, it's revealed that [[Sina]], introduced in {{Gen|VI}}, is revealed to be an Ice specialist.
** [[Bicycle]]s.
** A {{pkmn|Champion}} that precedes the player.
* The [[wikipedia:Demonym|adjectival form]] of Alola is "Alolan".
* Alola is the only core series region in which the player does not receive a [[diploma]] from someone upon completing the [[Pokédex]].
*** But the player does receive a [[bulbapedia:Trainer card:In the games:Generation VII|stamp]] instead for Pokédex.
* This is the only core region that all Pokémon get [[Obedience|obeyed]] only when the player enters the Hall of Fame for the first time.
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