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Mayor Oliver first appeared as he left for work, waving his daughter [[Margo]] goodbye. He later appeared at the [[Pokémon Catch Race]] event, where he awarded {{OBP|Ash Ketchum|M20|Ash}} and [[Callahan]] the runner-up and winner trophies respectively.
Ash and [[Risa]] formally met Mayor Oliver the following day and went on to assist in the clean-up effort following some vandalism that disrupted the [[Wind Festival]]. Over dinner, he and Margo have a heated conversation where he declares that {{OBP|Zeraora|M21}} doesn't exist. The next day, Mayor Oliver met [[Harriet]], Risa, and Ash at the stadium; and later [[Toren]], who revealed that a trail of his stolen {{p|Smeargle}} ink was used in the eternal flame theft. The group made their way up a mountain just in time to stop a pair of [[Pokémon poacher|Pokémon hunters]] from harming Zeraora and Margo. Mayor Oliver threatened the hunter duo with legal action and they subsequently fled. Upon seeing Zeraora, Oliver confessed to his daughter that the previous mayor had lied to Fula City about Zeraora's disappearance in order to protect it.
The sudden explosion of Toren's stolen {{a|Effect Spore}} and the subsequent blaze led Oliver to join forces with Ash and the others. He rushed back to his office to coordinate the evacuation order with his staff. The mayor had a car organized to deliver Toren and the [[Lum Berry]] elixir at the abandoned power plant. After the Effect Spore gas cleared, he and the other citizens of Fula City led efforts to combat the fire around the eternal flame stadium. After the blaze was put out and the eternal flame was returned, Oliver witnessed {{p|Lugia}} as it soared through the sky.
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