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Autotomize (move)

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Autotomize raises the user's {{stat|Speed}} stat by two stages. If it successfully changes the stat, and if the user is not already at the minimum possible weight of 0.2&nbsp;lbs. (0.1&nbsp;kg), Autotomize also decreases the user's [[weight]] by 220&nbsp;lbs. (100&nbsp;kg), withbut not lower than the minimum. When this additional weight-reduction effect happens, the message ''"<Pokémon> became nimble!"''. The weight decrease will only happen if the move successfully changed the user's stat and the user currently weighs more than 0.2&nbsp;lbs. (0.1&nbsp;kg)displays. The user's weight can potentially be decreased this way multiple times through multiple uses of the move, and the weight changes reset if it switches out, faints, or the battle ends.
This weight loss also affects the power of some moves that depend on the user's or target's weight. If the user uses {{m|Heat Crash}} or {{m|Heavy Slam}}, these moves may deal less damage, but if Heat Crash or Heavy Slam are used against the user, they may deal more damage. If {{m|Low Kick}} or {{m|Grass Knot}} are used against the user, they may deal less damage. If Autotomize's weight reduction makes the Pokémon lighter than 440.8&nbsp;lbs. (200&nbsp;kg), it can successfully be targeted by an opponent's {{m|Sky Drop}}.
Autotomize's weight reduction is not transferred if the Pokémon uses {{m|Baton Pass}}, and is not removed if a Pokémon uses {{m|Haze}}.
Autotomize can also be used as part of a [[Contest combination|Contest Spectacular combination]] and using it will cause {{m|Baton Pass}} and {{m|Electro Ball}} to give extra three appeal points if used in the next turn.