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Autotomize (move)

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Autotomize raises the user's {{stat|Speed}} stat by two stages and, decreasesif it was successful in changing the stat and the user's [[weight]]does bynot 220already weigh only 0.2&nbsp;lbs. (1000.1&nbsp;kg), butalso cannot makedecreases the Pokémonuser's [[weight]] lowerby than 0.2220&nbsp;lbs. (0.1100&nbsp;kg). with the message ''"<Pokémon> became nimble!"'' The user's weight iscan onlypotentially be decreased thethis firstway timemultiple thistimes, moveand isthe usedweight inchanges areset battle,if andit resetsswitches afterout, thefaints, end ofor the battle ends.
This weight loss also affects the power of some moves that depend on the user's or target's weight. If the user uses {{m|Heat Crash}} or {{m|Heavy Slam}}, these moves may deal less damage, but if Heat Crash or Heavy Slam are used against the user, they may deal more damage. If {{m|Low Kick}} or {{m|Grass Knot}} are used against the user, they may deal less damage. If Autotomize's weight reduction makes the Pokémon lighter than 200&nbsp;kg, it can successfully be targeted by an opponent's {{m|Sky Drop}}.
Autotomize's weight reduction is not transferred if the Pokémon uses {{m|Baton Pass}}.