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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
After the player's victory celebration, Lusamine is seen waving goodbye to Gladion at the docks as he sails off to [[Kanto]], much to the latter's pleasant surprise.
In [[Episode RR]], Lusamine is kidnapped by [[Team Rainbow Rocket]] and held hostage by [[Giovanni]]. When the player finally reaches Giovanni, Lusamine is seen lying unconscious on the floor. Giovanni states that he has used the power of an Ultra Beast to make her sleep, and claims that he will brainwash her to serve Team Rainbow Rocket. She awakens after Giovanni is defeated and the mansion is restored. Upon finding out about Faba's attempt to betray the Aether Foundation to Team Rainbow Rocket, Lusamine demotes him to intern.
If spoken to after becoming Champion, Lusamine will express remorse for everything she has done, vowing to better herself as a protector of Pokémon and a mother to Gladion and Lillie without interfering with either again. On the first day of every month, Lusamine can appear at the {{al|Pokémon League}} to challenge the player to a [[Pokémon League (Alola)/Title Defense|Title Defense]] battle, replacing Faba from Sun and Moon.