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* The Helix Fossil became a meme as a result of the first {{game|Red and Blue|s}} run of [[Twitch Plays Pokémon]], in which the Helix Fossil was repeatedly selected by accident, leading to jokes about how the game's protagonist kept worshiping the fossil and consulting it for advice. This also produced the meme "Lord Helix" in relation to {{p|Omanyte}}.
** In [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]], when the language is set to French, before battle [[Brawly]] says, "{{tt|J'ai découvert le secret de la vraie puissance en fixant un ''Nautile'' pendant des jours et des jours...|I discovered the secret of true power by staring at a Helix Fossil for days and days...}}", [[List of cross-canon references|referencing]] the aforementioned meme.