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Poké Flute

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In battle
A Poké Flute is a reusable item that cures all Pokémon in the {{pkmn|battle}} of {{status|sleep}}, including the opponent's Pokémon. If no Pokémon are asleep, it will have no effect on the battle, but still counts as the player's turn.
In {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, Pokémon with {{a|Soundproof}} cannot be woken up by the Poké Flute. In {{g|X and Y}} and [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]], the Poké Flute cannot be used in battle.
The Poké Flute's purpose is fulfilled by the [[Blue Flute]] in {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}, their remakes {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}, and all [[Generation IV]] [[core series]] games.