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[[File:Fake Groudon.png|300px|thumb|The fake Groudon (actually a manifestation of evil desire)]]
* This movie was released between ''[[AG034|Having a Wailord of a Time]]'' and ''[[AG035|Win, Lose, or Drew!]]'' in Japan.
* The prologue for this movie shows some of the main {{pkmn2|Legendary}} and [[Mythical Pokémon]] from the first five movies. It shows: {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}}, {{p|Lugia}}, {{p|Entei}}, {{p|Celebi}}, {{p|Latios}}, and {{p|Latias}}. However, {{p|Mew}}, the [[Legendary birds]], and {{p|Suicune}} were absent.
* This is the first Pokémon movie to go directly to video for its American release.
* The ending song, ''[[Make a Wish]]'', is the first time that the English dub left the Japanese ending theme in. It was also combined with English lyrics performed by Cindy Mizelle.