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[[File:Crystal emerald chapter.png|thumb|100px|Crystal during the sixth chapter]]
In the sixth chapter, Crystal works alongside Professor Oak in helping save the five Pokédex holders that were turned to stone at the end of the {{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}. They send {{adv|Emerald}} to the Hoenn {{gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} so that he may capture the [[Mythical Pokémon]] {{padv|Jirachi}} so that its wish-granting powers can be used on the petrified Pokédex holders. Due to lacking Pokémon of his own, Emerald battles through the Battle Frontier with Pokémon Crystal supplied him with.
On the fifth day of the Battle Frontier's opening ceremony, Crystal and Gold arrive at the Battle Frontier to help Emerald battle against [[Guile Hideout]], a villain who is also after Jirachi. By the time they arrive, Guile had already captured Jirachi and used it to create a gigantic {{p|Kyogre}}-shaped monster made of seawater, which he calls the "Sea Demon". Together with Emerald and the two other Hoenn Pokédex holders, {{adv|Ruby}} and {{adv|Sapphire}}, Crystal and Gold face Guile in battle.
Afterward, Crystal goes back to Professor Oak's lab to perform maintenance on the Pokédexes. As she stares at photos of Emerald's adventure, Crystal flashes back to Guile's last moment. As Guile frantically tries to find his special suit of armor, Crystal and Emerald try to interrogate him on who gave him the suit in the first place. Guile attempts to reveal the [[Team Galactic|identity]] of the person who gave him the suit, but disappears in a flash of light before he can finish his sentence. Although worried at the possibility of more evil in the world, Crystal shrugs off her thoughts and calls [[Professor Rowan]] from the [[Sinnoh]] region to help with the Pokédex maintenance.
==={{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}===
In ''[[PS408|High-tailing It from Haunter]]'', Crystal was briefly seen together with the other [[Pokédex holder]]s from [[Kanto]], [[Johto]], and [[Hoenn]] when the [[Advanced level Grunt]] was talking to {{adv|Diamond}} about the [[Pokédex]].
==={{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}===
After they arrive at {{rt|38|Johto}}, Crystal and Silver are attacked by [[Ariana]], one of the Four Generals that lead the revived Team Rocket. Ariana uses her {{p|Arbok}} to pin Silver to a tree, preventing him from help Crystal battle her. After freeing himself, Silver uses a [[plate]] to save Crystal, but is forced to leave in order to prevent Team Rocket from getting their hands on the Plates. Ariana eventually manages to defeat Crystal and is soon joined by [[Proton]], [[Petrel]], and [[Archer]], the other Generals. Their appearance is followed by the arrival of the Mythical Pokémon, {{Adv|Arceus}}. Realizing that Team Rocket aims to capture Arceus, Crystal decides to stop them by trying to capture Arceus herself. Despite her best efforts, Crystal is unable to capture Arceus and is defeated.
After Arceus leaves with Team Rocket following after it, Silver returns with all sixteen Plates. He finds Crystal unconscious and in a tree and takes her to the [[Ruins of Alph]], where Gold is battling with Arceus. Upon arriving, the Plates react to Arceus's presences, allowing Crystal, Silver, and the Four Generals into Arceus's barrier. With the Plates in the near vicinity, Arceus opens the portal to the [[Sinjoh Ruins]]. After the Johto Pokédex holders awaken, they go inside the ruins to find the Four Generals attempting to drag Arceus onto the Mystri Stage. Crystal, Silver, and Gold fight to stop the Generals' plan, but are stopped by Ariana, Petrel, and Proton. With the Plates, Archer forces Arceus to create the Legendary Pokémon {{advDL|Creation trio (Adventures)|Dialga}}, {{advDL|Creation trio (Adventures)|Palkia}}, and {{advDL|Creation trio (Adventures)|Giratina}}. Silver attempts to keep Team Rocket distracted while Crystal and Gold use Megaree, [[Exbo]], and {{TP|Silver|Feraligatr}} to destroy the Legendary Pokémon before they are fully formed with the ultimate moves. The attack successfully destroys the Legendary Pokémon, allowing Arceus to defeat the Generals and take back the Plates into its body. Despite this victory, Arceus begins reforming the Legendary Pokémon in order to enact its revenge on humanity.
After Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina fully form, everyone is surprised by the arrival of [[Lance]], who has brought [[Pryce]] and {{adv|Giovanni}} with him. The three former antagonists battle each of the three Legendary Pokémon in order to prevent them from battling each other and causing destruction to the Johto and Sinnoh regions. Crystal and Silver go to help fight against the Legendary {{t|Dragon}}s while Gold stays behind to battle with Arceus. After Gold manages to calm Arceus down and stop its rampage, Arceus transports everyone out of the Sinjoh Ruins. Dialga and Palkia force Giratina back into the [[Distortion World]] and leave for the Sinnoh region.
|desc={{p|Xatu|Natee}} (Japanese: '''ネイぴょん''' ''Naipyon'') is one of Crystal's childhood Pokémon that helped her after her accident on Mt. Mortar. She is used as Crystal's primary aerial transport and evolved into {{p|Xatu}} sometime between the {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}} and the {{chap|Emerald}}. She has a star sticker under her eye. As of ''[[PS450|With a Little Help From Hitmonchan]]'', she is level 60, has a Quiet nature, and her [[Characteristic]] is "somewhat vain."
Natee's known moves are {{m|Psychic}}, {{m|Drill PeckFly}}, {{m|FlyDrill Peck}}, {{m|Future Sight}}, and {{m|Tailwind}}, and her Ability is {{a|Early Bird}}.}}
|desc={{p|Blissey}} is used during Emerald's battle against the Frontier Brain, Lucy. She goes up against Seviper and, although she is able to deliver the first attack, Blissey is poisoned by Seviper's {{m|Poison Fang}}. Emerald could not heal her with a Berry, but he is able to switch her out with Starmie, activating her Ability. Later, she is knocked out by Seviper but left a special surprise for Lucy afterward.
Blissey's known moves are {{m|Seismic Toss}}, {{m|Softboiled}}{{tt|*|used off-panel}}, and {{m|Heal Bell}}, and {{m|Rest}}{{tt|*|Not used, just mentioned in the Pokédex}}, and her Ability is {{a|Natural Cure}}.}}
|epname=Slugging It Out with Slugma
|desc=Crystal caught these {{p|Slugma}} to stop them from attacking the [[Pokémon academy]]. They are housed in [[Level Ball]]s.
Slugma's only known move is {{m|Ember}}.}}
|epname=Surrounded by Staryu
|desc=Crystal caught the herd of {{p|Staryu}} that were playing with {{adv|Bill}}. They are later seen playing with Professor Oak. They are housed in [[Fast Ball]]s.
Staryu's only known move is {{m|Harden}}.}}
|epname=Off Course with Corsola
|desc=Crystal caught the leader of a group of {{p|Corsola}} after they attacked the ship she was on. It is housed in a [[Lure Ball]].
None of Corsola's moves are known.}}
|pkmn=Volume 10 Pokémon
|epnum=Pokémon Adventures volume 10
|epname=Vol. 10
|desc=Crystal caught these Pokémon for {{adv|Professor Oak}}'s research, as shown at the end of Volume 10. They include {{p|Pidgeotto}}, {{p|Spearow}}, {{p|Raticate}}, {{p|Furret}}, {{p|Metapod}}, {{p|Butterfree}}, {{p|Weedle}}, {{p|Igglybuff}}, {{p|Jigglypuff}}, {{p|Wigglytuff}}, {{p|Quagsire}}, {{p|Unown}}, {{p|Poliwag}}, {{p|Poliwhirl}}, {{p|Poliwrath}}, {{p|Politoed}}, {{p|Goldeen}}, {{p|Seaking}}, {{p|Gloom}}, {{p|Bellossom}}, {{p|Ditto}}, and {{p|Forretress}}.
None of these Pokémon's moves are known.}}
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