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Could you undo Emmakazam22's most recent edit to SM110, seeing as just like it has been in the past, the people who read out the title aren't listed as people who narrate the preview and they added that even though I undid someone else who added Meowth to the list. I put something else on that users talk page a couple of weeks ago, and they haven't responded, so I don't think the user it listening to other people. [[User:Playerking95|Playerking95]] ([[User talk:Playerking95|talk]]) 11:12, 24 February 2019 (UTC)
:Could you or another admin do something about that piece of trivia? That's the way it has been for ages and Meowth and Jessie only talk about the next episode and it's title. [[User:Playerking95|Playerking95]] ([[User talk:Playerking95|talk]]) 07:51, 25 February 2019 (UTC)
==Jessie Kane Gill==
I asked Force Fire about mainspacing [[User:BigDocFan/Jessie Kane Gill]], his response was ''While she does meet the notability requirement, page feels so empty when she's only had one role (though there are probably other va articles that only lists one notable role), doesn't seem enough. Try get second opinions''. Was wondering what you think?--[[User:BigDocFan|BigDocFan]] ([[User talk:BigDocFan|talk]]) 09:22, 13 March 2019 (UTC)