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:''This article is about Pokémon, also known as Pocket Monsters, as a series/franchise. For other usesusage of the wordsword in other ways, see [[Pokémon (disambiguation)]]''.
[[File:Pokémon logo English.png|250px|thumb|International logo of the Pokémon franchises]]
{{main|History of Pokémon}}
Pokémon, as a series, was originally conceived by [[Satoshi Tajiri]] as a way to instill in children of the modern, more urbanized Japan the same enjoyment that he felt as a young boy collecting insects and other bugs near his hometown of {{wp|Machida, Tokyo|Machida}}. Initially called ''[[Capsule Monsters]]'', or CapuMon for short, Tajiri pitched the series to Nintendo after being inspired by the [[Game Link Cable]]; he pictured an insect crawling across it between two Game Boy systems.
[[File:Spr 1g 006.png|frame|{{p|Charizard}}'s Red and Green sprite]]