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Let's Snuggle Forever (move)

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{{p|Mimikyu}} can use Let's Snuggle Forever if it knows {{m|Play Rough}}, [[held item|holds]] a [[Mimikium Z]], and if its {{pkmn|Trainer}} wears a [[Z-Power Ring]].
==In other games==
In [[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]], {{p|Mimikyu}} that appear from [[Poké Balls]] use Let's Snuggle Forever on any opponent who gets too close to it. Unlike its depiction in the [[core series]] {{pkmn|games}}, Mimikyu grabs its target instead of jumping on top of it. If the target is at 100% damage or more, they will be instantly knocked out, and Mimikyu will leave behind its disguise and presumably depart afterwards.
==In the anime==