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Multi Battle partners
===Multi Battle partners===
In the Multi Battle and Super Multi Battle challenges, the player can choose to partner with a friend or with the AI. Unlike the [[Battle Maison]] from previous generations, there is only one default AI partner, {{tc|Pokémon Breeder}} Rada. To increase the number of AI partners available, the player must Scout opponents after defeating them in Single or Double Battles. Scouting a Trainer costs 10 {{color2|000|Battle Point|BP}}, and this will add the Trainer to the list of potential AI partners. When a Trainer is scouted, the first two Pokémon of their team will be the Pokémon they use in Multi Battles, and they are sent out to battle in the same order as well. If a Trainer who has already been recruited is scouted again, then the new team will override the old one. Battle Legends cannot be scouted, but the other special Trainers can be recruited. Scouted trainers' Pokémon will retain the same randomly-chosen abilities they had from the battle they were scouted in, but will always become male except in the case of a female-only or genderless species.
In {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}} only, the player can also recruit [[Lillie]] as a partner for Multi Battles by speaking to her at [[Professor Kukui]]'s laboratory at {{rt|1|Alola}} after finishing [[Episode RR]]. She uses a {{t|Fairy}}-based support set.