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[[File:Inverse Battle.png|thumb|300px|{{m|Dynamic Punch}} hitting a {{p|Gourgeist}} in an Inverse Battle]]
An '''Inverse Battle''' (Japanese: '''さかさバトル''' ''Reverse Battle'') is a [[Pokémon battle]] in the [[Generation VI]] [[core series]] games that were introduced in {{g|X and Y}}. During an Inverse Battle, type matchups are reversed and no type is immune to any other type.
In {{g|X and Y}}, this type of battle is only conducted with {{tc|Psychic}} [[Inver]], who is located on {{rt|18|Kalos}} and can be battled once per day. In {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}, this type of battle can be conducted with Proprietor Inver in the {{DL|Mauville City|Inverse Battle Stop}} in [[Mauville City]], as well as in a [[Secret Base]] if it is set to have Inverse Battles using the [[Decoration#Super-Secret Base|Proclamation]]. There are no Inverse Battles in [[Generation VII]] games.