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Tochukaso prefer damp, dark places, so Parasect are typically found in those locations. The fungus scatters its toxic spores from the mushroom cap, and uses the host to help distribute these spores.
In {{pkmn|anime}} episode ''[[EP006|Clefairy and the Moon Stone]]'', the lighting {{TRT}} hung up in [[Mt. Moon]] confused the Paras, causing them to remove their tochukaso and plant them in the ground, as the fungus dislikes bright light.
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Tochukaso spores can be used to make a herbal medicine which can be used to extend life. This medicine is commonly made in {{wp|China}}.
In anime episode ''[[EP044|The Problem with Paras]]'', [[Cassandra]] tried to evolve her Paras into Parasect in order to harvest its spores to produce a miracle potion, which improves a Pokémon's attack power, defenses, concentration, determination, and intellect. Her Paras eventually evolved, so she and [[Cassandra's grandmother|her grandmother]] set up a business to produce and sell miracle potions.