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Galar Region
::The coastlines between GB and Galar match up pretty closely, except Wales loses it "edginess". The map doesn't really paint an accurate picture of what the region contains, as it isn't really a 1:1 representation of the whole contents of the region, making it so we're unable to see all of buildings within the Steampunk area (Not even the regions are on complete a 1:1 with their IRL counterparts).
::Heck, since there isn't a town or city to the left near the steampunk area, they might've meshed Edinburgh and Glasgow into one city. They've already done towns that had elements from multiple locations and made them into one in-game location. [[User:Argentarus|Argentarus]] ([[User talk:Argentarus|talk]]) 17:07, 1 March 2019 (UTC)
:Having seen the Galar Map flipped to match Great Britain as closely as possible, it definitely seems like the Port Town is at least in the same location as Liverpool/Birkenhead or possibly Blackpool. I had originally thought the lakes must be the Lake District, hence the industrial city would have to be Manchester (or Leeds or Newcastle, looking at it flipped, although, as Argentarus said, it could be all 3 combined), or the lakes could represent the Caledonian Canal and the Lochs it runs through, though those could be represented by the river and lake in the starting town. Also, I had theorised that the fairy town by the big wall could be representative of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest, as this is near the Birmingham Metropolitan Area in real life, which still seems likely as the walled grey city.