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Earning experience
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| Spin the Photo Disc at a Gym the player's team controls || ×1.25 (rounded)
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| Win a level 1 [[Raid Battle]] || 3,000
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| Win a level 2 Raid Battle || 3,500
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| Win a level 3 Raid Battle || 4,000
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| Win a level 4 Raid Battle || 5,000
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| Win a level 5 Raid Battle || 10,000
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! colspan=2 | At [[PokéStop]]s
Before Gyms were changed on June 20, 2017, players could also earn experience by training at a Gym controlled by their team. Defeating any one Pokémon would earn experience equal to 1/10 of the Prestige added to the Gym, while defeating all of the Gym's Pokémon would earn 12 XP.
Successfully capturing a Pokémon using a [[Pokémon GOSpecial PlusResearch]] ortasks [[Poké Ball Plus]] always awards at leastusually 150 XP (100 XP base + 50reward XP for the first throw)completion. The extra 50 XP isamount awarded evenincreases ifwith the player's has manually thrown a Poké Ball previouslyprogress.
Successfully capturing a Pokémon using a [[Pokémon GO Plus]] or [[Poké Ball Plus]] always awards 150 XP (100 XP base + 50 XP for the first throw). The extra 50 XP is awarded even if the player has manually thrown a Poké Ball previously.
Each time the player transfers Pokémon to the [[Nintendo Switch]], they earn 100 XP.