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{{Upcoming|name=Pokémon notice}}Sword
<!--{{Infobox game|colorschemename2=Normal|bordercolorscheme=NormalPokémon Shield
|name=''Upcoming core series game (Nintendo Switch)''
|sizeboxart=0Pokémon Sword logo.png
|captionboxart2=Pokémon Shield logo.png
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|jcaptioncaption2=Pokémon Shield's logo
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|jcaption=Pokémon Sword Japanese boxart
|jcaption2=Pokémon Shield Japanese boxart-->
|gen_series=[[Generation VII]] [[core seriesVIII]]
|players=TBA1-2<!---4 players simultaneous-->
|platform=[[Nintendo Switch]]
|link_method=Wireless, [[Nintendo Switch Online]]
|release_date_ja=Late 2019
|release_date_au=Late 2019
|release_date_eu=Late 2019
|release_date_na=Late 2019
|release_date_kr=Late 2019
|release_date_hkpublisher=[[Nintendo]]/[[The Pokémon Company]]
|publisher=TBA[[Nintendo]]/[[The Pokémon Company]]
|developer=[[Game Freak]]
|staffstafflink=Staff of Pokémon Sword and Shield
{{bulbanews|New core series game coming to Nintendo Switch}}
An'''Pokémon upcomingSun''' [[core<!--(Japanese: series]]'''''' game''Pocket forMonsters'')--> [[Nintendoand Switch]]'''Pokémon wasShield''' announced<!--(Japanese: by'''''' [[Tsunekazu'''')--> Ishihara]]are ofthe primary [[TheCore Pokémonseries|paired Companyversions]] on June 13, 2017, during the Nintendo Spotlight presentation at {{wp|E3}}. Whileof [[GameGeneration FreakVIII]]. hadThe begungames working on the game by that time, the game's release date was initially announced towill be mid-2018released aton earliest.<ref> [ Get All the Pokémon News from E3 2017 at]</ref> In June 2018, the release date was further specified to be in the second half of 2019.<ref name="famitsu">Siliconera: [ Pokémon CEO Says 2019[Nintendo Switch RPG Will Be Something Longtime Fans Have Waited For]</ref>].
UnlikeAnnounced on [[Pokémon: Let'sDay, February Go27, Pikachu!2016 andat Let's12 Go,am Eevee!JST during a worldwide announcement through [[Nintendo Direct]], thisthe gamepaired versions willare notto be anreleased entryworldwide in Late 2019. <!--All copies of the game, butare isplayable aimedin atnine long-timelanguages: PokémonJapanese, fans.English, ItGerman, willSpanish, alsoFrench, featureItalian, newKorean, Pokémon.<refSimplified name="famitsu"/and Traditional Chinese.-->
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