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Alolan Sandshrew (Duel 496)

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==Attack wheel==
===Version 7.0.0===
{{DuelZMove|type=steel|movecol=white|name=Corkscrew Crash|jname=ちょうぜつらせんれんげき|jtrans=Super Spiral Combo|power=60|effect=If the battle opponent is knocked out, then after the battle, this Pokémon moves to a point 2 steps away.}}
{{DuelZMove|type=ice|movecol=white|name=Subzero Slammer|jname=レイジングジオフリーズ|jtrans=Raging Geo-Freeze|power=60|effect=An opposing Pokémon within 2 steps becomes {{DL|Special Conditions (TFG)|frozen}}.}}
{{DuelAttack|type=Steel|movecol=blue|name=Protect*|jname=まもる※|jtrans=Protect*|effect=*This Pokémon gains Wait.|prob=36}}
{{DuelAttack|type=Steel|movecol=white|name=Icicle Spear*|jname=つららばり※|jtrans=Icicle Needle*|power=30x|effect=*Spin again until Icicle Spear does not land. Damage is multiplied by the number of Icicle Spear spins.|prob=56}}
===Version -6.2.11===
This figure features the Alolan [[regional variant]] of {{p|Sandshrew}}. {{a|Snow Cloak}} is an [[Ability]] in the [[Pokémon games]] that {{alo|Alolan Sandshrew}} can have. {{m|Protect}} and {{m|Icicle Spear}} are moves in the games that Alolan Sandshrew can learn - the former via [[TM17]] and the latter by {{pkmn|breeding}}. {{m|Corkscrew Crash}} and {{m|Subzero Slammer}} are [[Z-Move]]s in the games that Alolan Sandshrew can use by equipping [[Steelium Z]] and [[Icium Z]] respectively.