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Soon after, [[James]] walks in, disguised as a schoolboy with glasses, but quickly heads for the counter once Ash sees him. When the head instructor reads James's registration form and calls out his name, James tells him to keep quiet. Unfortunately, Jessie hears this, takes James outside, and asks what he is doing there. James confidently says that he too wants to become a Pokémon Master, then asks Jessie what she is doing here. Jessie explains that she wants to add another talent to her collection, just as {{MTR}} shows up and scratches both their faces. James quickly throws Meowth a ball of yarn, then runs off with Jessie back inside for the exam.
The first exam tests a person's knowledge of {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, where they answer true or false questions. Ash does his best to answer each of the questions correctly. At the {{p|Magikarp}} question, James reminiscesis reminded of [[EP016EP015|the]] [[EP016|time]] he had a {{TP|James|Magikarp}}, causing him to briefly shake in anger. He alsothen notices Jessie giving each question a "true" answer, hoping that she gets half of them right.
The second exam tests a person's ability to recognize Pokémon. The Pokémon to recognize on the screen looks like a ball; Ash thinks it is a {{p|Voltorb}}, James thinks it is a Poké Ball, and Jessie thinks it is an {{p|Electrode}}. The head instructor that it is a {{p|Jigglypuff}} seen from above. The next Pokémon to recognize looks like a swirl; Ash guesses it is a {{p|Poliwhirl}}, James believes it is an {{p|Omanyte}}, and Jessie guesses it is an {{p|Arbok}} when it was all coiled up. However, the correct answer is a {{p|Poliwag}}. The next Pokémon for the students to guess has a fiery tail, and Ash guesses it is a {{p|Charmander}}, but the right answer was {{p|Ponyta}}. A furious Jessie demands that she be asked easier questions, and the head instructor expels her. Once outside, Jessie wakes up Meowth and says that they are going to get revenge.