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As Team Rocket announces the beginning of the tag battle, Masked Royal hands Ash a mask that resembles his own, declaring him to be Ash Royal. Jessie introduces the Revengers, who get booed by the audience, then she introduces the Double Royals, consisting of Masked Royal and Ash Royal. In the audience, Ash's friends and Burnet are excited and jealous of Ash's new position. After Jessie's countdown, the match begins with Incineroar going up against Magmortar. Magmortar uses {{m|Flamethrower}}, but Incineroar counters with {{m|Cross Chop}}. Then, Magmortar and Incineroar exchange a {{m|Karate Chop}} and {{m|Throat Chop}} respectively. Afterwards, Incineroar switches out with Torracat. Mad Magmar states that Torracat has nerve for attacking Magmortar earlier, to which Ash Royal retorts it was because the Revengers cheated.
Mad Magmar tells Magmortar to use {{m|Feint Attack}}, during which Magmortar walks around on its toes and looks around for something while blushing. The distraction catches Torracat off guard as Magmortar {{m|Fling}}sthrows Torracat across the ring. Torracat lands safely and attempts to use {{m|Scratch}}, but it gets grabbed by the Revengers' Poliwrath. Ash Royal objects to the dirty tactics, but Mad Magmar states that as long as he wins, he doesn't care and tells Magmortar to switch out with Electivire. Electivire hits Torracat with {{m|Wild Charge}} and attempts a {{m|Low Kick}}, but Torracat manages to dodge it. Masked Royal tells Torracat to switch with Incineroar. Electivire uses {{m|Thunder Punch}}, but Incineroar uses {{m|Bulk Up}} to defend against it, much to Lana's excitement. Electivire attempts another Thunder Punch, but Incineroar uses {{m|Darkest Lariat}} to knock Electivire back.
But then, Muk and Poliwrath grab onto Incineroar's legs, preventing it from moving. Kiawe and Lana cannot stand the injustice and has {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}} and {{TP|Lana|Popplio}} attack the Revengers' Pokémon, freeing Incineroar. Viren hypocritically calls out the two for their actions, as Burnet tells the two to leave it to the Double Royals. Lana tries to protest, but Masked Royal states that their passion has reached him, and that they should counter the enemy's dirty tactics with a clean fight, impressing Burnet and Kiawe, as Lana agrees to step back and allow the Double Royals to take care of things. Electivire recovers from Incineroar's attack and tries to use another Thunder Punch, only to be knocked back by Darkest Lariat again. Kiawe and Lana cheers for the Double Royals as Electivire switches out with Magmortar, and Incineroar and Torracat do the same. Magmortar charges at Torracat for a {{m|Fire Punch}}, but Torracat leaps from the corner post and comes down with a {{m|Fire Fang}} that knocks Magmortar back. Cleverly, Magmortar uses the recoil from the rope to launch itself towards Torracat and hit it with Karate Chop. Magmortar then unleashes a flurry of Karate Chops, forcing Torracat into the defensive. As Ash Royal encourages Torracat to not give up, Torracat jumps into the air and hits Magmortar with its paw enveloped by orange fire.