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Shiny Pokémon
|vajp=Yuka Terasaki
|vaen=Lisa Ortiz
|desc=This wild, Shiny {{p|Phantump}} was separated from its home after an encounter with Team Rocket. The young Pokémon was not used to life outside its forest shrine, and was afraid of strangers, but thanks to Bonnie, Dedenne, and her friends, Phantump grew out of its shell and made many new friends. While Team Rocket tried to get payback on the Phantump, the Shiny Phantump eventually reunited with its group and led a counter-attack that sent them blasting off. Bonnie and the others bade farewell to Phantump and its friends, new and old, with an offering of macrons and Pokémon food before continuing on their journey.
{{p|Phantump}}'s known moves are {{m|Forest's Curse}}, {{m|Energy Ball}}, and {{m|Horn Leech}}.}}