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* The original preview for this episode included {{Rotom}} next to {{an|Kiawe}} during the shot where Kiawe tells Ash to do his best, but in the episode proper, Rotom is not seen in said shot.
* The method Ash uses to defeat {{p|Mudsdale}} (covering it in water, making it susceptible to Pikachu's {{type|Electric}} attacks) is the similar to the method he used to defeat {{an|Brock}} in ''[[EP005|Showdown in Pewter City]]''. Although in that episode, it happened by accident, where on this occasion Ash does it on purpose.
** It is also similar to the method Ash used to damage [[Pryce]]'s {{TP|Pryce|Piloswine}} with Electric-type moves in ''[[EP238|Nice Pryce, Baby!]]''.