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[[File:Sean_Reyes_Julian_RebolledoJulian Rebolledo.jpg|thumb|330px|JuliánHeadshot Rebolledoof (right) withJulián [[Sean Reyes]]Rebolledo]]
'''Julián Rebolledo''' (born 1972) is an American actor and voice actor for the English dub of the [[Pokémon anime]].
Rebolledo became an actor and voice actor as an adult. He voiced characters during ''[[Pokémon the {{series|Series: Diamond &and Pearl}}]]'' of the Pokémon anime, with the most notable role being that of Paul. In his personal life, he co-owns the New York City dubbing studio "Shut Up and Talk" with [[Sean Reyes]]. In addition, Rebolledo has provided voice-overs for many television shows and commercials, and has also done some on-camera roles.
==Pokémon roles==
* One of [[Professor Rowan]]'s assistants ([[DP001]])
* Museum researcher ([[DP017]])
* [[Battle judge|Referee]] ([[DP050]]-[[DP052]])
==Other non-Pokémon roles==