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[[File:Professor Kukui Burnet Wedding Outfits.png|thumb|250px|Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet about to get married]]
In ''[[SM055|The Professors' New Adventure!]]'', during a walk on the beach with Burnet, Kukui proposed to her. A few days later, the wedding ceremony, which was arranged by his students, was held on the beach outside his house. Since their marriage, Burnet has moved in with Kukui and Ash.
[[File:Kukui Incinium Z.png|thumb|left|250px|Professor Kukui/The Masked Royal's Z-Ring]]
Kukui's alter-ego, the Masked Royal, debuted in ''[[SM063|Pushing the Fiery Envelope!]]''. When Ash and {{ashcl}} visited the [[Battle Royal Dome]], Ash's {{p|Litten}} got agitated upon seeing Royal's {{p|Incineroar}}. This prompted him to invite Ash, along with {{an|Kiawe}} and {{an|Sophocles}}, to take part in a [[Battle Royal]], which the Masked Royal easily won. Days later, after seeing Litten training to master {{m|Flame Charge}}, Kukui, dressed up again as the Masked Royal, showed up to have a one-on-one battle with Ash. During the battle, Litten evolved into {{AP|Torracat}} and was able to perfect Flame Charge. Despite this, however, the battle ended in the Masked Royal's victory. Afterwards, the Masked Royal declared that he and Incineroar were now Torracat's rivals.