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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
[[SM101|Later]], at Dia's base, Pikachu and Ash began to do some training and managed to convince Dia and Zeraora to join them. Pikachu and Zeraora engaged in another battle, which attracted the attention of Guzzlord. After the [[Ultra Beast]]'s arrival, the group lured it to the [[Ultra Wormhole]] that it had emerged from in the past. After trapping Guzzlord with Electroweb, Pikachu, alongside Zeraora, attacked the immobilized Ultra Beast in an attempt to send it back through the Ultra Wormhole, but failed. However, thanks to the arrival of the Shiny Tapu Koko, Ash and Dia were able to activate their Z-Rings and had Pikachu and Zeraora perform a double Gigavolt Havoc to successfully push Guzzlord into the wormhole. Afterwards, Pikachu and Zeraora had one more battle in order to create another dimensional rift which took Pikachu and Ash back home.
In [[SM109]], Ash used Pikachu in his grand trial battle against [[Hapu]], going up against her {{p|Mudsdale}}. Despite the type disadvantage, Pikachu was able to win when Mudsdale was splashed with water allowing Pikachu to knowknock it out with Gigavolt Havoc. Hapu offered Ash a choice of type specific Z-Crystals and Pikachu opted for a [[Steelium Z]] which Hapu awarded Ash for his victory.
==Personality and characteristics==